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Oceanus port was more beautiful than Lexi's imagination had envisioned, and she took in its majesty as music wafted up to serenade her arrival. It was a classical piece, played by a quartet of musicians. She recognized it as something Hades played on his violin. The dock extended the length of the chasm, which was now filled with water as well as several large vessels, and glowing lanterns decorated the rafters and the pier, which reminded Lexi of the holidays. Had they been part of Hades' surprise?

Every seat was taken by elegantly-attired gods, and Cronus' regal form took up residence in the center of it all, clad in a white robe and gold sash. The picture-perfect master of ceremonies, but Lexi's gaze was focused on the handsome god dressed in Armani. Along with his sleek, black suit, Hades wore an adoring smile, which never left his face as he waited for her, his eyes twinkling as brightly as the lanterns.

Blythe hopped off the chariot first, laden with the weight of Lexi's daughter, and the nymph extended her hand to help Lexi out, but Lexi didn't need the help. She was walking on air. It was a skill she had been working on.

"It is a fine day for a wedding, my lady." Blythe gestured toward the sky of Olympus, which now bathed the underworld in sunlight through a gaping hole in the mountain.

"It is a perfect day for a wedding, Blythe," Lexi said. "And I am marrying the perfect mate."

Sella and Ely stepped off the chariot, and Lexi was escorted to the dock by her precious children and beloved nymphs. A figure suddenly broke away from the throng of gods to hurry toward them. It was Odessa, dressed in a blue damask gown with a plunging neckline and fitted waist. It had Aphrodite written all over it. Zeus quickly caught up with Odessa and escorted her the rest of the way.

Although Lexi's attention was initially drawn to her grinning friend, it was swiftly diverted to her father as he strode confidently up to her. Despite his attempt to look formidable, she had no trouble reading the softness in his eyes. There were no storms brewing. Thank, Gaia.

"You are the picture of beauty, Lexi," Zeus said as he made a show of bowing formally in front of her. "You are worthy of the title of queen. Hades is behaving like a nervous groom. I had a nymph bring him a sedative of scotch."

"I don't want a drunk groom," Lexi said through a forgiving smile.

Odessa took the opportunity to place a chaste kiss on Lexi's cheek. "Thank you for speaking with me this morning. It made a world of difference. All is well with Poseidon and me."

"I am very happy for you, Odessa." Lexi offered her sincerest smile, but she was quite distracted by her lover as he continued to wait patiently for her on the dock.

It wasn't until Lexi glanced past Hades' head that she noticed Rhea's bier set up on a table behind him. The sheer curtain cloaked the body as it billowed enchantingly in the ocean breeze, but no one would mistake it for anything other than what it was - an open-air sarcophagus. Hades had mentioned nothing about sharing their wedding vows with Rhea's undead body, and Lexi wondered if he had been surprised by it as well. She chose to let it go. Her wedding party was waiting to escort her to her beloved, and she refused to focus on anything but him.

The music changed to something resembling a wedding march, but more melodic than the mortal version, and Hades reached out to her as she drew close. After placing a quick kiss to both of her babies' heads, her escorts dispersed and Lexi came to stand in front of Hades. Odessa took her place behind Lexi, while Zeus remained planted in front of them, standing opposite Cronus. With an authoritative glance at the assembled guests, Zeus had everyone quiet within seconds.

"You were probably not expecting to receive my blessing so readily," Zeus said, his voice coming over more subdued than boisterous. "But I have given the matter a good deal of thought, and I cannot think of another couple who better represents the virtues of commitment than you two. You are an inspiration to us all."

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