Log ten: lies

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LOG TEN: lies


"She... She betrayed us?!"

His voice was shaky, showing how shocked he was; he felt a mix of obviously unpleasant emotions washing over him, disgust being one of them, while pain being an overwhelming other.

The blonde closed his mauve eyes shut tightly, biting his lower lip as to prevent tears from welling up in his eyes, but to no avail.

The others were shocked, as well, but they all knew it was the hardest on Luciel, as he was the one who talked to (y/n) the most, the one who seemed to like her. But he didn't show any hurt expression, he just told them casually, although his eyes gave away how broken he was, his shimmering golden eyes were a color of pale yellow, the sparkles now gone and replaced with hints of sorrow and despair.

"We.. We shouldn't have trusted her..." Luciel spoke, his words as sharp as a knife. His face turning into a saddened scowl, his teeth gritted.

They were chatting together happily yesterday, making jokes and teasing Yoosung together, how? Just how did she have the nerve to betray them?! She said she loved them, that they were her family. She'd deceived them with her sweet words, sweet yet poisonous words that now stabbed everyone in the heart repeatedly, especially Luciel.

~The night before~

"Your time is up."

The text read, sent from a man that (y/n) knew she couldn't face. Her hands trembled in fear, knowing that she'd screwed up. Before she could snap out of her shocked-terrified state, she received a call.

"(Father's/name) (last/name) is calling..."

She knew she had no other option but to pick up. Well, she did have one; not pick up and get an assassin after her to end her life, which she had to cross out of her not-too-long list of 'options'.

She swiped her finger across the screen and waited, she waited for her father to speak.

"(Y/n) (l/n), it's been a while," she could hear his chuckle, a dark one.
"Didn't I give you a mission to hack into the RFA's info? Didn't I set a deadline for you? Where are my info? Is our faithful hacker not so good any more? Because if so, like a broken toy, we will get rid of her." he emphasized the getting rid of her part, making her throat dry. Even though she was his daughter, she knew he wouldn't hesitate one bit to end her life as if she was a fly.

She knew she didn't have any other choice, and actually, she knew she had to run away from both the RFA and her father, or else, she's dead. That is, if she actually manages to run away.

"But since you're my dear daughter, I will give you another chance, so you'd better not waste it," he paused, as if waiting for her to respond, which she didn't, or rather, couldn't do.

"The time right now is 11:01:07 pm, hmmm? By the time the clock strikes 11:13:34 pm, I want the information in my hands. I won't spare you even if you hand the info at 11:33:35 pm, one second could mean your life so you'd better get working, and fast. Now, I shall hang up, so that I will not disturb our precious hacker's work. Now go and get working, I will be looking forward to seeing the results, whether they're the information I ordered or your head. Farewell, dear.

Oh, and remember,

If you thought you could change and become a better person, then rethink that. Because the evil blood runs in your veins."

And with that, he hung up. Leaving (y/n) a sweating mess. She couldn't say one word, she couldn't protest, she didn't have the time to inform anyone, nor did she plan on it as she and they will be in some deep shit altogether.

She couldn't betray the RFA, not after everything they've done to her, but then, she remembered her father's last words before he'd hung up.

If you thought you could change and become a better person, then rethink that. Because the evil blood runs in your veins.

He was right, he raised her ever since she was a baby, and taught her everything. At the young age of 6, she had joined the damned organization of her father's. The one where she grew up slowly losing her innocence and replacing it with the love for evil. The dark side was way more welcoming to her than the light side was, the evil inside of her was way stronger than the good in her, her devils were capable while her angels were nonexistent. That was right, the delusion that Luciel and the RFA fooled her with was only a false way of viewing herself, and they deluded her into believing in it.

She knew she had to leave them behind, no matter how tough it felt, no matter how hard it was, she had to. She was obliged to do so. She wasn't a good person no matter how hard she tried to be one.

From: (y/n)
To: 707


It runs in my veins,
your attempts will go to vain.
Don't you try to stop me -

I will never change.

Pressing the send button, she also sent the information to her father. Grabbing her belongings and walking out of the door to Rika's apartment and bidding farewell to her life with the RFA, she ignored her feelings, as she grew numb. And just like that, she ended everything.


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