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I can't take this anymore! I'm tired of the attitude and your defiant ways! You're always sneaking out, you're always talking back, you never listen & you're always lying. It's lies after lies, and I'm done. There's this camp, a church camp. In California. We signed you up and you're going. Maybe you can better yourself out there!"

I sighed obnoxiously loud.

•writing in journal•
I guess I've fucked up for the last time. My dad is really sending me to "church camp" out in California.
The only good thing about this is I get to stay our vacation house. Man, I just...I don't even get what my dad's tryna do. Does he really think this will work? I don't know, but we'll see.


"Come in!" I yelled.

"You just couldn't stay out of trouble, could you?" my brother laughed.

"Shut up! I didn't even think it was that serious," I laughed back.

Ya see, I'm kind of a trouble child. I lie, cheat, I've vandalized, I fuck shit up & usually don't care. I curse so bad and my mom hates it. I also smoke and drink every once in a while. I used to be a pretty good person, but then I got older. I started hanging around a new group of people & then I dated this guy, which didn't help at all. I changed my ways & then started getting in trouble. I've been corrupted.

"Well at least you have Octavia and Demia to keep you company," my lovely brother, Darrell, reminded me.

"What do you mean?" I asked all confused.

"Remember? Octavia and Demia are out there, so now you won't be by yourself."

"Oh shit, you're right."

Okay, so Octavia and Demia are my older sisters on my dad's side. I always have fun with them because they have no chill whatsoever. They are the epitome of fun and now I have something to look forward to.

*Later that night*

•phone rings•

Me: Hello?
Alex: Hey, whatsup?
Me: [sighs] Nothing, whatsup?
Alex: Just checking on you. You wanna do something next week?
Me: I can't.
Alex: Why not?
Me: [sarcastically] I have to go to church camp, yay!
Alex: So?
Me: In California.
Alex: Oh.
Me: Yeah, but my sisters are gonna be there, so it might not be so bad.
Alex: I hope you have fun.
Me: Let's not get carried away! But I gotta go because I have to pack.
Alex: Alright, I'll talk to you later.
Me: K, bye.

I hung up the phone. I wasn't actually gonna pack just yet, I was just annoyed & wanted to get off the phone. I wanted to Skype my sisters, but I decided to surprise them. Now, I was bored. I decieded to just pack and get everything over with.

*2 hours later*

•in my head•

I guess I had better go to sleep since I basically have no life anymore. Might as well text all my lame friends and let 'em know what's up.

Me: Going to California for the WHOLE summer bc my parents hate me! Try not to forget me. Love you. xx ❤️

I put my iPod on the dock & played "Wicked Games" by The Weeknd.

"Listen ma, I'll give you all I got, get me off of this, I need confidence in myself
Listen ma, I'll give you all of me, give me all of it, I need all of it to myself
So tell me you love me"

My life, as we know it, is over.

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