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Pen Your Pride

Wanted -Hunter Hayes

Hero -Enrique Iglesias

Strong -One Direction

I Wont Give Up -Jason Mraz

Ever After -Marianas Trench

Harry's POV

"I hate you, Harry." She said and the tears fell down. My heart gained unwanted adrenaline and I felt like my airways were blocked. The stinging in my eyes wouldn't leave and I was left utterly speechless, that and I was hurting to my limit.

I hate you, Harry. Those words were all it took for me to break, it just hurt so much. The deprivation I felt just to hear her voice was gone, but the same heartbreak returned. I don't know what came over her, but she said it and its so painful to take in, I found I couldn't breathe. I knew that even though she hurt me, she's in a fragile state at this moment, I couldn't say anything that would hurt her also.

"I love you, Georgia." The tears dropped and swam in between her hairs. It took so much strength to say this but I felt like I could breathe once again.

After I said that, something in her noticeably changed. The tension she once seemed to hold flew away along with the harsh words being tossed around freely. Her body seemed to crave my warmth a bit more because she wrapped her small arms around me as she cried. My breathing became rapid as her touch burned my skin, I desired her.

"I need help." She said, I relaxed. Im not sure if either of us could hear another insult directed toward me or herself escape her mouth. It's hurting us both. My arms wrapped tightly around her as we sat on the floor, crying with each other. This is a horrible situation but yet it's the best one we could be in, were slowly being fixed as a couple. We shouldn't be crying, but just as long as we're crying together. I missed her so much and I don't know what I would do without this girl that I finally get to hold.

"I will help you." I said as I rubbed her back and everything fell silent.

"I didn't mean it." She said and I instantly knew she was talking about the hateful words.

"I know baby, I know." I said, silently crying because to be honest, I was still kind of hurt emotionally.

"So much has gone wrong," She whispered into my shirt.

"As long as were together." I said and her head popped up to look at me. I winced at her appearance, she looked so terribly unhealthy. My lip quivered as I looked at her starved facial features, paired with her pale skin and tired eyes. Nobody would be able to tell she was a 19 year old girl. The purple spread across the left side of her face was a bruise that I was so unsure of, I just hoped it didn't hurt her too much.

"We can't be together." She looked at me with her tearful eyes and my heart broke over and over again.

"W-Why?" My voice cracked.

"I told you in the note, please don't make me tell you again." I noticed the pain she seemed to go through just from remembering the topic.

"Note? What note?" I said, exasperated. I tried to recall the last few weeks but I have never read a single note from her, I'd check my mail twice a day but nothing from her address ever came. I know nobody sends mail these days but she never called or texted either, letters that never came seemed to be my only reassurance.

"Harry, I don't want to talk about it." Her voice cracked, remising in thoughts that tunnel through her head. I find myself wondering what is burrowing deep inside that mind of hers, the things she constantly thinks about, these voices murdering her slowly with their words.

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