Im Here For You

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"This is it." I tell the cab driver as he pulls in front of my house. I kiss Aiden on the cheek before opening my door. I pull out a ten and hand it to the driver.

"I'll pay the rest." Aiden tells him and he nods.

"Bye." I wave at Aiden and he waves also.

"Bye." He says while smiling at me. I shut the door and watch as the car drives off. I turn around and walk into my porch. I pull out my key and unlock the door.

"Lilly?" I wonder if she's home yet. There is no answer so I guess she isn't home. I put my bag on the couch and walk into the kitchen. I get out a glass and fill it up with water. I take a few sips before the doorbell rings. I sigh and sit the cup down. I walk back through the house and to my front door. I pull it open and see Kelsey standing there waiting patiently.

"Hi." She gives a small wave before coming in.

"Hi, what did you need to tell me?" I ask eagerly.

"Give me a second." She says before shutting my door and walking over to my couch.

"Okay, last night I didn't go home." She tells me. I knew it! I knew I saw her at the hotel.

"I know." I say and she looks shocked.

"Huh?" She asks clearly confused.

"I was at the hotel this morning and I saw you and Eli." I tell her. I watch as she sits back and puts the pieces together.

"Wait a sec, why were you at the hotel?" She asks me and before I can open my mouth to respond she answers for me.

"Because you were with Aiden!" She shouts and jumps up.

"Kels calm down and be quiet Hailey is up stairs." I tell her and she puts er hand over her mouth before sitting down.

"You were with Aiden." She says whispering this time. I nod.

"I was and you were with Eli." I say and  she nods.

"I was." She confirms.

"But we both promised we wouldn't do it." She says with a disappointed tone while looking down at the ground.

"I know." I say matching her tone.

"It was amazing though." She says sounding happy.

"I know." I say once again matching her tone.

"It really was." I mumble and she laughs and I join her.

"From now on let's not make promises we can't make." Kelsey says and I nod agreeing.

"Deal." I say.

"Now tell me was it amazing?" Kelsey asks curiously and I can feel the heat rise to my cheeks.

"Kelsey!" I say embarrassed.

"What? I want to know!" She says and I shake my head.

"Was it or was it not?" She asks.

"It was." I mumble while blushing.

"SEE was that so hard." She says responding with a rhetorical question.

"Kinda." I answer.

"It was a rhetorical question." She tells me and I roll my eyes.

"I know." I say.

"Than why did you answer?" She asks me.
"Because I can." I tell her and she rolls her eyes this time.

"Anyways it was great with Eli and I." She tells me and I cover my ears.

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