Chapter 11

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Six months later…

It is night, and also my first mission outside of the Training Grounds. I try to keep myself contained, but finally getting out and doing what I’m designed to do is such a good feeling.

There are four members of the team; The Team Leader, who is a veteran, who we just call Scar, because almost half his face is a massive one. No one has the courage to ask him how he got it.

The second member is MJ. She’s our archer, and her job is making sure we get away.

The third member is Rejik. He’s responsible for getting us into the keep itself.

And, of course, the final member of the team is me. I’m going in with Scar, since I’m sort of interning with the group to see what I’ll be doing in the future. Our target is the owner of a small castle which controls one of the narrow passes between the Thundering Mountains, a huge range of mountains that bisects the continent. We tried bribing him, but when that didn’t work, we were told to eliminate him.

During the day, we each slipped into the castle grounds and hid somewhere. At midnight, I’m supposed to meet up with Scar at the front gate. MJ will be in the gatehouse, ready to open the doors or fire her bow. Rejik will be somewhere inside the keep, as back-up.

I check my weapons one final time before heading for the gate. Two throwing daggers, a sword, and a long dagger, plus a few other, miscellaneous weapons. The armor I’m wearing is light but strong, and will stop almost anything except for hard hit from a broadsword.

Sticking to the shadows, I make my way from the stables, where I was hiding, to the gate.

“Scar?” I whisper. A hand shoots out of a shadow and grabs my arm.

“Shh.” He says.

He gestures for us to move toward the keep. I nod silently. As we move across the courtyard, I glace up at the guards patrolling the wall. None of them seem to notice us. I think I catch of glimpse of MJ, but it might just be my imagination.

We circle around to the back of the keep, and Scar makes a bird call. A rope comes down, and Scar begins to climb. When he is inside, I start to scale the rope. When I’m about halfway up, I see someone under me.

It’s a guard, doing some random patrol. I hold still, knowing that movement draws the eye. I’m dressed in dark grey, and am almost invisible. Eventually, the guard moves on, and I resume ascending. I slip inside the keep, sword at the ready. It’s a little bit shorter than normal, but we’re inside, where a longer blade wouldn’t work as well.

Rejik nods at us, and Scar leads the way to the stairs. Rejik is staying where he’s at, just in case we need him. Scar is also armed with a sword, with the addition of a small buckler. We reach the last bed in the stairwell, and Scar checks around the edge.

He leans back, and then gives the signal for dart. I nod, understanding. I reach behind me and pull out one of my sleeping potion covered projectiles.

Scar silently counts down.




I run up the last couple steps, and throw the dart at the guard. It hits him in the neck, and before he has time to do more that scrabble uselessly at it, he’s collapsing. I catch him before he hits the floor, preventing a noisy crash.

Scar moves past me, sword ready. We move down the hall toward the Baron’s room. Inside is our target. We kill him, then escape as quickly as we can, thus clearing the way for the army to move in within a couple days.

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