17 - Stones Cont.

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You hate the thought of opening that coffin and seeing what's in there, but it's either face it, or be stuck there for who knows how long.

"Do you want to look away?" you ask Kelly.

She looks worried, but shakes her head bravely. "No, I need to do this."

You stand on the bottom part of the casket and pull open the top part. There's a little dust cloud, then you're looking straight into the face of a dried out corpse of a man and it's looking right back at you. You jump, but he grabs your wrist with his bony hand. You're screaming like crazy. Kelly comes over and pulls at your hand.

"Let go! Let go, daddy!" she screams.

He opens his mouth and some dust flies out. "Kelly," he says in a dry raspy voice. "Kelly you're okay-"

"No, I'm not you freak. I'm dead. We're all dead."

You notice he's holding a box close to him with his free hand. He looks confused. Then angry. "I told you to be good. You wouldn't listen."

"Normal dads don't kill their kids for not getting the laundry off the line!"

"You're rotten!"

She reaches with both hands for his arm and rips it completely off. She takes the box and tosses it back to you. He grabs a big fistful of her hair. She half screams and half growls at him. They struggle a moment then she punches him in the jaw, which crackles. Some of it breaks away. She pulls back hard and his other arm breaks off. She slams the lid on his cursing flailing body. He's still causing all kinds of racket, but doesn't seem to be able to get the coffin open.

You and Kelly climb out of the grave with the box in hand. As soon as your feet touches the grass, you fall to the ground with the box. Relieved that it's over.

"We've got it," you say.

"Open it," the ghostly voice of the woman says.

You open it. Inside, there' s a key. Just one key.

"What are we supposed to do with this?"

Kelly's face has fallen, but she still tries to give you a smile. "You leave," she says.


"That's the key to the car that brought you here."

"What? How did it get in there?"

"The spirits here, they like to play pranks on Halloween. Bring random people here. I'm sure there are others around here somewhere, going through their own horrible experiences. I'm sorry." She seems completely devastated.

"Can't you leave, too?" you ask.

"Not for long. I always end up right back here within a few hours. Something about this place always draws my spirit back. I forget who I am and why I left every time."

"I'm so sorry," you say.

Kelly walks with you to the car. You promise to try to find a way to free her one day, then you get in the car and leave.

At home, everyone is just settling down to watch a horror movie marathon.

They listen to your story about how you were kidnapped and taken to Thornton Farm. They humor you, but of course, no one believes it. You're glad to be safe, but your mind keeps going back to Kelly. How awful it must be to keep trying to leave, being pulled back and forgetting you're even a ghost.

You get through a movie and you're on the second one when you fall asleep. You wake up stiff some time later laying on a hard surface. You can't remember going to sleep. When you raise up and look around, you're on the porch of a house at some kind of farm...

 When you raise up and look around, you're on the porch of a house at some kind of farm

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The end!

A/N: In case you need more explanation, your character is dead and has been dead the whole time. Just like Kelly, you forgot. When you tried to leave, the place pulled you back.

I hope you enjoyed this short Halloween interactive! Thank you all for reading. If you enjoyed Haunted Farm, please check out my other (longer) interactive story Guts.

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