❁God is Always There for THEM❁

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Who believe in god?

I do too.

It is a believe that some follows and some does not. And I'm not here to debate if God is real or not.

But talking about Hindi serials, it is illogical!!!

If your precious person is in danger and if you're from the serial, just pray in front of a temple and your wish is granted just like that!

Either he/she will be fine, or if they have already died then God can bring them back. Seems so much logical.

Well, I don't want to hurt anyone's believe but these serials are crap!

I mean, it is spreading the blind faith in superstitions and I don't find this good.

And some people be like "pray in front of God, do Puja and everything will be okay,"

A big fat NO!!!

Don't trust serials, seriously. If everything happened like those serials, there would be nothing called 'death' or 'tragedy'.

These illogical things gotta stop! Like seriously... -_-

That was a really short update after so many days, but I'm coming up with another one in like hour or so as well, so don't be disappointed!

And if you have any rants for Hindi serials too, do comment and help me upload a chapter!

Until we meet next time :)

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