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Tonight I came home to find a freshly showered and sharply dressed Harry, standing in the bedroom, with a leather collar held aloft on one finger by the metal ring, his other hand clutching a set of matching leather cuffs.

"So um. Baby. I was wondering. How you'd feel. About. Um. Bondage?" His voice went high and breathy at the end, not quite a squeak but definitely an octave higher than his usual gravelly rasp. His cheeks held the most beautiful blush. His arms were flushed with goosebumps.

I tried to keep my face impassive, not wishing to kink shame but also not really wanting to be tied up. "I don't know that I'd want to wear them, myself--"

"Oh no yeah. I meant me. I meant for me to wear them and you..." his voice trailed off.

I couldn't help myself. I definitely wore a smirk now, one I tried to hide by biting the inside of my lip. Oh the possibilities.

Harry'd always been a sweet lover. Gentle and generous. He liked when I told him exactly what I wanted. And while I sometimes longed for him to take control and just fuck me, I also loved that he was so tender and even tentative.

Perhaps this was why. My sweet little cupcake was submissive. He wanted--no needed me to dominate him.

Well then. I would.

I stepped forward and took the collar from his hand and secured it around his neck, which quivered as he released a stuttering sigh. Oh his beautiful long neck, so pale and pretty. Begging to be bit. I left a lovebite just above the collar, just below his jaw.

His hands were trembling as I slid the cuffs from his grasp

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His hands were trembling as I slid the cuffs from his grasp. "My love," I whispered into his ear. He let out the faintest hum in response. "The things I'm going to do to you," I kissed his ear as he whimpered.

"Yes please," he whined.

I stepped back and regarded him for a moment. "Do we need like a safeword or something?"

He squeaked a laugh, his eyes widening in surprise. "I mean, probably. Jesus, baby. You know about safe words?"

I rolled my eyes, "Come on. Fifty Shades." But his question got me thinking again. He'd been rather furtive when I asked what he bought at the bookstore last month. It seemed perhaps my sweet boy was doing some reading of his own. I wondered how long he'd been wanting this but couldn't say so. How long had he been secretly reading about bondage and dominance? How long ago had he bought these leather accoutrements? And how the fuck was I supposed to play the role of "dominant" when I didn't even really know what that meant? Do I just boss him around? Does he just obey? How would this work? I had no fucking idea, but I was happy to explore, to play, to learn with my love. "So, what will you say to tell me I've gone too far?"

"Um. Stop?" He bit his lip adorably.

I laughed. "Works for me." I kissed him gently. "I love you, Harry."

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