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There was rarely anything which made the time pass slower, more than those of royal duties; or rather anything which fell into the jurisdiction of 'royal duties'. Admittedly, Thorin had found himself completely spacing out, merely zoning out of the conversation to hand and retreating to his thoughts where time could be spent musing over more interesting things. Well, interesting to him at least. Perhaps not so much to anyone else. Honestly though, perhaps losing focus in weapons training wasn't the best...but by this point Thorin was over it, it happened, there wasn't much that could be said or done about it...other than maybe to stop daydreaming?

Thorin couldn't help it if there may have been more interesting things to think about. Where elves were concerned, Thorin really hadn't had any dealings with them. He highly doubted he would have much interaction with the Elvenking. In all honesty, Thorin found himself fine with that. There was a cold indifference about him which just gave off an ever colder aura. Even though he did well to appear gracious, sincere and polite. Thorin wasn't wholly sure. But no, his mind was not opting to make him zone out of his tasks because of the Elvenking.

After the days tasks were done, Thorin believed it would perhaps be wise to return to his quarters. At least in there he could think to his hearts content and no one would interrupt. And also, he doubted hugely that he would be needed until later on. Perhaps naturally curious, a small part of him did want to go in search for Erebor's visitors, but no. No, they had travelled all day to get here, they must be exhausted even if they didn't show it. The last thing they needed, or wanted, was a curious dwarf-Prince around.

There were many other dwarves milling about the kingdom's corridors as he slowly made his way along. Absentmindedly however, Thorin found that his feet were slowly taking him back down to the throne room. It was strange how large and empty the room actually was. Designed to hold a great number, yet now, so empty and eerie. Even more so without his grandfather's imposing figure sitting on the throne.

Thrór may not be sitting on the throne, but someone however was mighty curious about it. Thorin faltered and stayed within the shadows of the wall as he watched the small Princess. Náriel had walked up the steps, she looked the chair up and down, even daring to reach out and stroke at the stone armrests. Thorin raised an eyebrow, daring indeed. Not many were allowed so close. If she was to be caught, the repercussions wouldn't be good, curious visitor or not. Her assessment of the seat didn't last long before she looked up at the Arkenstone. The glow and gentle radiating colours seemed to have temporarily mesmerised her as she stared at it with wide eyes.

Daring to lean out from his current hiding place, Thorin watched as Náriel turned on her heels and took to walking towards the front gate. Glancing over his shoulder, Thorin looked forwards again and pulled out from the shadows of the corner and walked after her. No one else had seemed to pay any mind to the wandering Princess, but he had. He was curious, still very curious, as to where she could be going. Surely she had been told not to venture far, or at least without a guard present? There were no dangers here, but even still, Thorin was rather certain she had never been to these parts before.

He managed to keep his distance quite well, never once losing sight of her blonde haired head bobbing about as she continued onwards speedily. It seemed she was in a rush, for something at least. He couldn't help but tilt his head, what was he doing? Why, why was he doing this? Sure, he could pin this down to curiosity, but it wasn't wholly befitting any male, let alone a royal one to follow after a lone lady.

Unlike his booted feet, Náriel and her simply shoe covered feet seemed to make hardly any noise against the fallen foliage which was outside. She was heading towards the small cluster of nearby trees. Of course she would, Thorin couldn't help but shake his head. The woman was perhaps a little homesick. Of course she'd head to the one place which was like home.

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