Chapter 18

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I rolled off the sofa, startled out my dreams by the sound of my mobile blasting in my ear where I’d left it after collapsing when I finally staggered home.  I really need to stop drinking, I feel like absolute crap. 

Landing on a heap on the floor, I finally dug my phone out from the side of the couch where it had fallen and saw my mum was trying to phone me.  Well, she could wait until I feel better.  Call me a bitch, but there was no way I wanted to listen to her whine on about some crap or other in this state. 

At least I’d decided to get changed into sweats and a hoodie, so I now looked like a mink. And a hungover mink at that – but did I care?  Nah, did I hell.  Who was gonna see me like this? 

Plonking my ass back on a seat, I scrolled through my missed calls.  Who knew I was so popular?  Six whole missed calls, and all of them from my house up the road.  I know I don’t really live there anymore but it would always be my house.  Oh, and a few more texts from Evan telling me to ‘phone me when you get this’.

Yeah sure, wait and I will loser.

I guess I should phone my mum back though, it was obviously important.  As long as it wasn’t some long-lost relative that I’d never even met popping his clogs again I didn’t really care.

I dialed call and held the phone to my ear, grabbing a cushion with my other hand and leaning down against it.  Don’t you fucking hate it when you get heart palpitations?  This was how hungover I was feeling right about now.

“Hello,” my mum answered the house phone loudly, and I winced as her voice went straight through my poor, fragile head.

“Hey it’s me,” I croaked out. 

This is another thing about hangovers – somehow you always manage to sound like a fucking jackey.

“Finally,” she snapped.  “Do you know how long I’ve been trying to call you?”

“Hours?” I hazarded a guess.

“Yes hours,” she practically shouted down the phone.

She really wants to shut up or we were gonna find out exactly how long it takes for my phone to hang up on someone.

“I need the number for your work,” she told me.

“Why?” I asked disgustedly. 

“Because that stupid brother of yours has gotten himself arrested,” she explained.

“What for?” I laughed.  I probably shouldn’t find this funny but the fact was I did.  Mum’s perfect little golden child had got himself up shit creek.

“Oh, for supposedly dealing drugs,” she replied.  “We got woken up at six in the morning to police officers banging on the door to search the place – can you believe that?  And it’s not funny Emma.”

I must sound like a sick bitch for laughing at her, but this was too funny.  I could just imagine my mums shocked face when she swung that door back.

“Did they have a warrant?” I asked, trying to sound serious when really I was still silently laughing.

“Course they had a warrant – do you think I’d let them in if they didn’t?”

“Right okay, I’m not the one dealing fucking drugs so don’t take it out on me,” I snapped back at her. 

What, because I wasn’t being all sympathetic and stuff she was taking her shitty mood out on me?

“Don’t speak to me like that Emma, I’m not in the mood,” my mum told me sternly, and I could imagine her stressing the hell out around the house while my dad stormed around going mental.  Thank god I didn’t live there anymore.

“Whatever, I’ll text you the number.  He won’t be up in court until Monday anyway.  It’ll give him loads of time to sit in his cell and think about what he’s done,” I answered, laughing again at the end. 

Yeah, he’ll get lots of time to think over how much shit he was in when he gets out.  I don’t think he’s ever really been in trouble before so he would probably get out with a slap on the wrist and a healthy fine to pay, depending on how much he was caught with. 

“Right, well hurry up,” she said before hanging up on me.

She was definitely not a happy bunny.

And what the hell was my brother thinking?  If he was standing in front of me I think I would give him a good belt across the face for being so stupid.  I think I still will when he’s released.

Then it clicked – that’s probably what that asshole was texting about.  I mean my brother knew where I worked so he’d more than likely ask for them to represent him.  Thanks a lot knob end, now everyone would know my wee bro was lifted for drugs.

And like hell was I gonna phone Evan now – what to just have him rub it in my face that my brother was currently in bell street for dealing?  No, I think I’d probably rather choke on my own spew – speaking of…

“I’m never going out again,” Leanne told me.  I was sat in her flat, watching 13 going on thirty with a plate of half eaten chicken curry in front of me teasing me.  I’d already tried eating most of it making myself feel sick again in the process.

“Me neither,” I choked out, grabbing the 2l bottle of coke off the floor and downing it straight from the bottle like a complete gadgie. 

“Sooo, same time next week,” she said and I laughed.  Like hell were we really gonna stop going out.  What we really meant was we wouldn’t go out for a few days until we forgot how bad we feel the next day for it. 

Just then Dave walked in the door from whatever pit he’d crawled out of, giving us both a dirty look.

“Hey Dave, you not speaking,” I asked him, so sugar coated it came out bitchy as fuck – just the way I meant it to.

Instead of even answering, he just narrowed his eyes at me before slamming their bedroom door shut.

“Do you always have to wind him up?” Leanne asked me.

“What I was just being nice,” I argued back.  “So I take it you’re still in the bad books?”

“Seems that way,” she sighed.

“Unlucky,” I said.  “I heard he went mental at you when he came to get you last night.”

“Don’t know, can’t remember,” Leanne giggled.

“Yeah I don’t even remember getting there,” I joined in, thinking about what a state I must’ve been last night.

“Never again,” she said, putting her head in her hands.

“Sure,” I answered sarcastically.

I left Leanne’s a few hours later, deciding the walk the long two minutes around the road, through the freezing cold and rain.  What can I say, I was feeling brave?

What I wasn’t banking on was running into the one guy I was trying to avoid at the moment.  Yeah, Karma really loves me.

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