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"Ma'am I need a flight to Austin tonight." You said as you slammed your hand on the counter in front of the woman. It had been a difficult last hour. It took forever to hail a cab and traffic was terrible plus you weren't even sure your cab driver had a license with the way he drove. Then you finally arrived at the airport but only to find out that all the direct flights to Texas were booked. 

"I'm sorry but all the flights to Texas are booked." Oh fuck off.

"That's what I've been told, but I need a flight, now." You said the last bit through your teeth.

"I'm very sorry Ma'am but I can't get you a flight." Oh I think you fucking can.

"I don't think you understand the situation." You said as you began to lean over the desk getting closer to the woman.

"Oh I think I do, and I'm sorry but you'll have to wait till Monday." TWO DAYS?!

"My best friend is dying and I need to see her...now." You glared at her.

"I'm sorry but you're holding up the line, you need to go sit now or leave." The woman said and gestured over to the seats. You begrudgingly picked up your suitcase and neck pillow and began to walk over to the seats. 

"Fuck you." You mumbled as you went to sit down.

After about 15 minutes of softly crying while remembering how you were letting Y/B/F down, a couple who looked to be in their mid thirties sat down next to you.

"What's wrong Darling?" The woman asked you.

"I, uh, I can't get a flight." You sniffled.

"Well where do you need to go?" She asked you.

"Texas, Austin Texas." You said a bit more clearly.

"Well that's where we're heading." The man interjected.

"Why do you need to go there?" The woman asked you.

"Well. uh, my best friend, s-she's uh, she's dying and-an-and I r-really need t-to see her." You began to sob.

"Oh darling, I'm so sorry." The woman said as she patted your back to comfort you.

"Emily could we talk for a minute?" The man asked his wife, she got up and they began whispering. After a moment they walked over to you, they both had wide smiles on their faces.

"We'd like to give you our tickets. We can book another flight and you need them the most." The woman told you. Wait what?!

"Y-you would do that? For me? You don't even know my name." You told them.

"Well what's your name?" The man asked.

"Y/N." You told the couple.

"Well then Y/N, your flight leaves in an hour and a half. Go see your friend." The woman said, you jumped up and hugged each one of them.

"Thank you Thank you!" You exclaimed.

"Now Y/N, there's two tickets, you can have both, sell the other one. You're gonna need that money in Texas." The man said.

"Thank you but I had something else in mind." You gave them both another hug and dashed around the corner. You pulled your phone out and made the call.

"Dan?" You asked.

"Y/N!? Did you get a flight?" Dan asked you.

"Better, do you wanna come to Texas?"

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