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Justice's p.o.v

Me:so who is she ????

I asked sam as i walked to the snack table at yhe agency . he was talking about a girl that told him to stay away from me or else .....

Sam: i don't know but i was about to swing on her blue bird looking ass .

I stopped in my tracks bird? .

Me: ummmm....sam did you say blue bird ?

Sam: yup she had blue hair ......

I feot eyes on me and wh.i looked to my right i saw a man with a gun . i grabbed sam from his tight hand and ran outta there .i was running when a black car pulled up and men in some black suits came out . i ran the other way and it was the same thing .we were stuck .

????: good job boy's take them away ....finally justice your mine .


Next thing i know i felt a knock to my head and i was out .....

A/n: uh oh who the bitch that took her and sam ?

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