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Chapter 1, Not Now

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(A.N hello :) Thank you for taking time to read my story. I just want to let you know a couple of things before you read on.

ONE; this is only my second fanfic so if it's not up to scratch please leave feedback comments so i can improve further chapters, thank you!

TWO; This story is set a few years in the future

THREE; i just want to let you know that i have gone into so much detail you wouldn't belive with this story, the names of my characters are very important. I have researched name meanings and each character's names meaning suits the personality of the person, please bear this in mind since i have gone to so much troube doing this!

Enjoy :) xx)

Chapter 1, Not Now

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* screamed my alarm clock, sitting on on my bedside table. It was 6:30 am, time to get ready up work. I stumbled out of my warm double bed and into the coldness of my bedroom. I grabbed my black silk dressing gown, wrapped it around myself and made my walk to the kitchen. I was 21 and lived on my own, in a penthouse apartment in London. I hadn't always lived on my own, infact it was only recently that i had to adjust to it again. I had been in a long term relationship with a boy i had met from college, Ross. I had moved out of home when i was 16, sounds young, doesn't it? You see i never got on with my parents. They were both wealthy and successfull buisness partners, and had very little time for me. I grew up, mostly being tended to by a nanny, and when i was with my parents all we would do was argue. The main reason; they didn't like the way i was. I mean, i was quite a rebelious teenager, i was quite reckless. My parents always thought they could replace the fact they wern't there for me by buying me gifts, but really all i wanted was parents who cared for me, isn't that too much to ask? I soon got fet up with it all. I was never overly popular in school, i was the nerdy art freak. I didn't have many friends, i mean, don't get me wrong i had a small circle of close friends who i adored and still adore this very day, but i didn't have the greatest time at school. I was fed up of my parents never being there for me emotionally, but still controlling every other aspect of my life and got emancipated at the age of 16. A bit extreme, right?

(A.N Emancipation is a legal mechanism by which a minor is freed from control by his or her parents or guardians, and the parents or guardians are freed from any and all responsibility toward the child.)

But it's what i needed. I won quite a large sum of money from the court case, and bought myself a small apartment. My parents tried to stay in contact with me, they said they were 'sorry' for neglecting me, but i didn't really care. I mean, i care about them in a way; they are my parents, but i never had that emotional bond most children have with their parents. My dad still feels guilty about it and sends me a sum of money every month to help pay for the cost of my bills (for the apartment i live in now, which he bought me for my18th birthday), which i don't need. Ross moved in with me, since we had been together since i was 17. After i left college, i went to work for a company called Sony. I'm a promoter, online journalist and what the company calls one of it's 'Personalities'. I have a weekly slot on Radio One in which i interview new and upcoming artists (who are working with Sony in one way), artists who have new albums out etc and generally play music from acts associated with Sony. I also have to do video interviews for our online website and get paid enough to support my living, so dad doesn't really need to keep medeling. I had recently had some time off work, due to my split with Ross. Ross was a few years older than me, and like me, loved to party, maybe a bit too much. He had been cheating on me with a variety of different females, including one of my best friends, Rebecca. We no longer speak.. I had had a rocky past with relationships, and it has taken significant effect over me, but yeah, that's pretty much my story and today was my first day back at work.

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