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Nicholas stood outside the house of the address his friend sent him

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Nicholas stood outside the house of the address his friend sent him. It wasn't quite what he expected. It wasn't exactly in the best condition but it wasn't the worst either. The porch boards looked worn and the paint was peeling here and there and the roof could use some work. He felt his anger rising.

He felt no child of his should be living under this condition was his first thought. His child should have nothing but the best but because of this crazy woman his child was being forced to live  in the slums. Well not for long he thought to himself as he climbed out the car he rented at the airport then he walked up to the questionable looking porch.

He took a deep breath then knocked on the door. He heard someone running down the stairs followed by the sound of a child's high pitched laughter. He closed his eyes and let the musical sound sink in and calm his raging nerves. He opened them at the sound of the door opening and felt his gut clench at the site in front of him.

The woman in front of him was nothing like he had expected. He had expected a nutcase, messy hair, mismatched clothes or something along those lines but instead the woman standing in front of him was a gorgeous blonde. Her jeans clad legs went on forever topped with a yellow tank top that showed a bit of midriff. Her blond hair flowed around her face in big wavy curls and her hazel eyes were the type someone would have a hard time looking away from, they were just that gorgeous, just like she was.

She moved the baby to her other hip and that's when he noticed the toddler in her hands. His heart warmed at the friendly smile the little boy sent his way. His familiar jet black curls looked damp which tells he must just have had a bath. His perfect olive colored skin looked soft and smooth and eyes the same eyes Nicholas sees looking back at him everyday in the mirror.

"What are you doing here?" Asked Samantha as protective instincts made her grip the baby a little tighter causing him to squirm.

"So you know who I am?" Nicholas asked ignoring the way her soft tone pulled him in.

"Yes.” she sent him a glare that had him raise a brow in surprise. “What are you doing here?” she whispered looking at the ground.

"OK so no introduction is needed then." Nicholas replied

"Why are you here, Mr. Ronaldi?" She asked nervously.

"Please call me Nicholas and I was hoping we could talk." he replied

"There's nothing to talk about, Mr. Ronaldi.” she replied ignoring his request.

The little boy giggled and clapped his hands and reached out for Nicholas to hold him. Without even realizing what he was doing he scooped him up and buried his nose in his powder scented neck. By the way his mother  lips thinned in a frown he could tell she wanted to object.

The boy giggled and gave him a hug. The feeling that washed over him was so unexpected and overwhelming but he somehow knew he would do anything to protect his son and be a part of his life.

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