Hamen and Imani - Daughter4254 Book 1.5

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Hamen and Imani

Daughter4254 - Prequel

A professor in a grey smock stood at the head of a large body of students. His thinning brown hair was starting to give way to strands that matched his clothes. His lined face sagged with boredom at the material he was covering. The students were scattered randomly about a lecture hall of modern construction. Most were in their late teenage years, most had the far off look of a person whose body is present but whose consciousness left the planet, bound for somewhere much more interesting. Nevertheless, he droned on.

 “For decades they fought against it, calling it a disease and prescribing all sorts of remedies in hopes of curing individuals with the most severe cases.” He lingered with a mocking tone on the words remedies and curing, as if it were an inside joke he shared with the entire auditorium despite the fact that not a single student in the room would ever admit to sharing anything with this professor.

“We’ve heard this at least a thousand times.” A handsome young man, somewhere in the middle of the crowd, leaned into the girl next to him and whispered expertly without taking his eyes off the professor.

“Shhh,” she didn’t even turn her head to acknowledge his interruption, her hair a sleek black curtain between them.

“It wasn’t until the year 2037 that a small group of underground scientists calling themselves Neurodiversity Now, succeeded in isolating the genes that caused over stimulation of neurons and harvested the code to successfully take advantage of the benefits of what was then called autism.” The last word rang through the uncomfortable hall like a death gong sounding the loss of a Leader.

“I’m tired of hearing these same lectures over and over again.” The boy leaned forward and brushed his thick brown hair off his brow, trying to catch a glimpse of her face. He had long ago mastered the art of seeming interested in the babbling lectures of his teachers while doing, or saying, whatever else he deemed more important. He was born with a spark in his gut that never let him waste a moment of time, not even during a lecture when the consequences for insubordination at his level were extreme.

His risk paid off this time. Without looking at him, she smiled at his words, then leaned a little closer his way before whispering, “Impatience is not of use.”

He sat back in his seat, a smirk crawling across his lips. She never topped his academic records, never even came close, and yet, she was the only person he had ever met that didn’t fold over twice at his intellect or wit. She always had a retort to stop him in his tracks.

“While the rest of the neanderthals were battling it out with their nuclear weapons, Neurodiversity Now was saving the world as we now know it; building bunkers, stocking up food and supplies, gathering specimens..”

 “I have a plan,” the young man leaned forward again, determined to drag her into the idea he’d been tossing around in his head all morning.

“Shhh!” She was more persistent now, still smiling but never looking at him.

“I’m going to apply for the Mind Wipe program and I think you should too.” He knew his words wouldn’t surprise her. The shock would come in the explanation.

“Sounds great.” She flipped her hair over her shoulder and sat back in her seat. “We’ll talk about it later,” she turned this time, just briefly, to give him a look that meant she was serious.

He smiled at his success and turned back to the professor.

“As we all know now, Neural Supremacy eventually won the struggle for leadership and shaped the society we enjoy today by retaining all that is of use and doing away with those things that weaker minds succumbed to and wasted great amounts of resources on. Are there any questions?" He glanced aroudn the room lazily. "No? Well then, you are dismissed for mealtime. Please scan your cards as you leave.”

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