Chapter 13

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[And for all that matters in this world for me is: you, me and us; together.]


Taehyung scoffed when Yoongi left the movie after he received a text. Hosoek seemed to have giggled and said that he is going to meet up with Tae Bin hyung.

Namjoon wanted to drive Jin home, Taehyung could've gone with them but felt bad to have disrupted their sickly romance. Their cheesiness seemed too much for him to handle.

Jungkook and Jimin left after the boys had clicked their pictures. Taehyung recorded the video of their action and squealed while doing so, injuring the replay button.

After they had all left, Taehyung was in Jimin's home all alone and decided to send the video to Jimin. He smirked, knowing how much the same boy liked the maknae.

Taehyung received a text from Jimin, telling him to delete the video. Just when he was about to reply, he got another text from a different person.

Taehyung got confused as to why the maknae old enough texted him, since he rarely texts.

At 6:49 P.M.

From: Kookie maknae

Hyung, can you meet me at the 'Hark River Amusement Park' @ around 8?

His expression turned to a frown when he saw that the message was from Jungkook, who was supposed to be with Jimin and probably was. It was a question to Taehyung as to why the maknae would call him to the park. He replied back with a 'Sure!'

Taehyung put away his phone. Excitement was evident on his face as he was going to an amusement park. There was a certain brightness that would occur on his face when people say 'amusement park'.

It was when his mother told him that to them 'Amusement parks were not just for the happiness of a person through games and rides. To them, amusement parks meant more than happiness, it mean love and life.'

When Taehyung was small, his mother told him that both his parents had met in an amusement park. Years later, in the same park and at the same spot, his dad proposed to her. Taehyung was a news that was shared with the father in the amusement park at the same spot.

When he grew up, his birthdays were celebrated mostly in these parks and most happiness only occurred there.

With a cheesy grin on his face, he went upstairs to get ready. It was a special thing to him, even if Jungkook just wanted to ask for a favor or whatever it was. He wanted to look amazing for this.

So with ripped jeans, a black and white shirt and converse shoes; a thin layer of eyeliners rounded his eyes and Chapstick on his pink lips. He styled his hair, parting their ways in the middle. He gave himself a boxy smile, which was reflected faithfully to him by the mirror. He slipped on a thick sweater and smiled even wider.

Looking at the clock that ticked away, the time glared at him showing: 7:28 P.M.

Since everyone was too busy with their own lives, he chose the option of walking to the park. He stepped on to the cool surroundings filled with wind and coldness. His legs skipped away happily, excited to go but yet he shivered.

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