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THE SECOND WORLD war started at the exact day Evelyn Smith was sorted in Hufflepuff

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THE SECOND WORLD war started at the exact day Evelyn Smith was sorted in Hufflepuff. While muggle world destroyed each other for the greatest power, wizarding world was fighting against its own enemy, Gellert Grindelwald, for very similiar reason. The powerful dark wizard got proponents from all around the world and swiftly was reaching to London. But many families believed as long as their children were in safe castle of Hogwarts, then there was nothing to fear of. Evelyn wanted to believe it too.

"Have a good school year, Evelyn, Tom." said Mrs. Cole as they arrived the train station, King's Cross. Even if many people believed that war was soon to be over, Mrs. Cole said it could be dangerous for fifteen year old young lady to walk to the station alone. Innately, there was no way for her to let Tom go alone as well. That was why Mrs. Cole, with another male worker of orphanage, accompanied Evelyn and Tom to the train station. Fortunately, they did not walk to platforms, as it would be really hard to explain why they had to run straight to the wall to the old female.

"Thank you, Mrs. Cole," said Evelyn with a smile, as she stood in front of the female and shared a short hug. 

By the time she turned to walk inside the station, she noticed that Tom had already left without bidding goodbye to Mrs. Cole. The woman knew Tom was not fan of having adult beside him at places he went, but she did not blame him, thinking it was his own way to say he could take care of himself.


Evelyn stared at Hogwarts Express as she stood on platform nine and three quarters. The warm feeling returned to her heart, as it felt nice to be back and embrace the magic despite the awful things that were happening around them. Finding her way to the train among the crowd, she let her loose curls bounce on her shoulders, her eyes only focused on the door. Such that she did not even realize the other figure walking at same direction and ended up bumping at him.

"I'm so sorry," she said sincerely while searching for the notebook, which she took from Mrs. Cole's office, once she noticed that she dropped it. Raising her trunk from the ground, she was about to reach for the notebook when another hand acted before her. Evelyn tilted her head up to look at the source of the hand and only then saw one of her peers, Alphard Black standing in front of her, looking at the notebook with amused expression on his face.

"Interesting book you have there, Evelyn," he said and allowed a light smirk to appear on his lips while extending his hand to give her notebook back.

"Thank you, Alphard," replied Evelyn with a smile and reached her hand to take her notebook but just then Alphard pulled his hand back, casually flipping the pages of it.

"Why is it empty though?" he asked as a frown of confusion rested on his face.

"It's not empty. Just..." Evelyn covered her lips with back of her hand and whispered, "off limits for purebloods."

"Not funny," said Alphard, who slightly bent for her to whisper in his ear. He soon stood up tall and playfully narrowed his eyes at her. "I'm currently judging your humour, Miss Smith," he added with a playful tune.

"Just because you did not laugh, does not mean it was not funny, Mr. Black."

Evelyn mirrored his gesture before both of them let the wide grins appear on their lips.

"Let's get on train before it leaves without us," said Alphard finally as he took a step to the side to let Evelyn walk first. He seemed to already place his trunk, as his hands were empty, though, Evelyn still refused his offer to help her and pushed her trunk front herself.

Just when they were about to get on the train, a fellow Slytherin approached Alphard and rested her hand on his elbow to block his way.

"Alphard," she greeted, her keen eyes searching his.

"Walburga," greeted Alphard his older sister in a mocking tone, as if he did not see her for such a long time, though seemed like she did not catch on his humour. Instead, she locked her gaze on his and two of them looked at each other, having a silent conversation for seconds, before Walburga sharply turned on her heels and left without even greeting Evelyn.

"Lovely," muttered Evelyn as she watched Walburga leave, before she turned to give her trunk to attendant. She climbed on the train, followed by Alphard.

"How lucky you are to see her just a few times during whole school year. I had been fifteen years beside her," stated Alphard as he rolled his eyes, when Evelyn tiptoed to look towards the window behind his shoulder.

"Seems like someone is about to save you from her," she mused and Alphard turned back to look outside from the window, only to see her sister standing beside their cousin -her lover- Orion, both listening advices their parents were giving.

"I still find it kind of bizarre to see them together, though they are not the first one in family," he whispered more to himself. Blood purity was way more important than being married to a cousin in Noble House of Black and even if he found it bizarre, there was nothing he could do to stop it.

"You should feel thankful. What if your parents tried to marry you with your own sister?" Evelyn voiced her thought, causing Alphard to gape at her.

"That is not even an option. Delete those thoughts from your mind, Miss Smith," he warned her, laughing when he saw her grin. But their conversation was kept short when pair of arms were wrapped around Evelyn's waist, causing her to let out a surprised yelp.

"Amor," Evelyn whined like a little child as her best friend scared her, "stop sneaking up to me like that."

"Can't help it, Eve," said Amor as she grinned at her friend, before pushing her red hair back of her shoulders and stood up still to look at fellow.

"Black," she greeted Alphard with a playful - serious tone.

"Diggory," he used same tone to greet Hufflepuff, "how lovely to see you here."

"Oh feelings are mutual," replied Amor with a closed lip smile before she held Evelyn's arm. "Let's go to the compartment before Alphard uses his Slytherin charm on us and drags us to the dark side."

"Ha ha," came dry and mocking laughter not far away from them and both girls turned to see Alphard already leaving, one hand raised up to wave at them, even if he was facing opposite side of the train.

"Oh look, we broke prince charming's heart."

"Amor," warned Evelyn as she bit her bottom lip to not laugh. Just as she let Amor to drag her towards the compartment they usually sat, Evelyn realized she forgot to get her notebook back from Alphard. 

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