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I watched him walk away, my heart pounding. He didn't get to shut me out, and then accost me in dark tunnels. It didn't work that way!

I huffed and dropped on my knees to pick all of the lacy under-apparel into the bag. I picked the bag up and continued to walk towards the end of the hallway, hearing Alpha Blaze's footsteps get quieter and quieter as he exited the tunnel. I finally reached the end, where there were 2 entrances. Both looked exactly the same besides that one was on the right and the other was on the left. Classic fork in the road problem.

See I didn't have a wonderful alpha to help me here, so I went with my gut instinct and took a right. I wasn't scared or anything, I mean what was the worst he could have down here. This tunnel was easily accessible children.

I walked for around two minutes, when I noticed that the candle were getting farer apart. And the further I walked, the dimmer it became. Soon I passed the last candle, of course I didn't think it. I just thought if I walked far enough another candle would appear. I was mistaken. I was stuck in the middle of the tunnel with no lighting.

The air was starting to become more putrid and thicker. But at the same time colder and colder. Goose bumps were rising along my arms and legs, my skirt keep lifting up thanks to some draft with an unknown origin. I crossed my arms trying to help with the cold feeling.

I started to smell musty and rusty, like old blood and rotting food. I gagged in disgust, and held my nose with one hand, my other hand holding the victoria secrets bag. My heart started beating super fast, as I had a feeling something was coming up soon.

I started to become anxious, and unbeknownst to me my canine elongated. I only noticed when my teeth started chattering because of the cold and my canines were digging into my bottom lips, cause blood to pool down. I tasted the irony salty substance and frowned. Why the hell did my canines emerge?

I walked down the tunnel further, wondering to myself. While thinking, suddenly while pondering the strag event, the bag fell from my hand. I picked it up and looked at the strings. They were jaggedly cut. My eyes immediately flicked over to my nails. But they weren't nails, they were fucking claws.

What the hell?

This was not normal. I thought again about it. Increased heart rate, anxiety, canine elongation, and claw emergence.... No. It couldn't be. Not here! It wasn't due for another day. It was my monthly alpha shift. The one I mentioned that I couldn't control.

It looked around the hallway. It was too narrow. I would end up hurting myself. I need to find a room, and I needed to find it now.

I full out sprinted ahead towards the darkness, my feat echoing against the cobblestone. I couldn't stop. I just kept running and running.

I finally ran into a room, a room that to be honest smelt like shit. But I didn't care. I stopped my sprint, tripping along the way. I stood in the room, and looked around. My eyes widened.

I was in a dungeon.

There were cells all around my coated in silver, inside were prisoners with greasy bodies and dirty faces. Around their wrists were shackles which were chained to the back wall of the cell. There was a small slit at the bottom where I'm guessing they received food. The ground was covered in a hall like substance, some of the grimy floor peeking through. There were only men in here, all looking 30 years old. Some were lying on the floor and and other were barely standing, clutching the bars. They were bone and skin, sickly white and brown, with their veins easy to see. All of them were staring at me with their beady eyes.

I looked behind me towards the wall, and on a corroded metal plate were the words: "et ad executionem"

Men For Execution

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