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Everytime the two saw each other, they would get butterflies in their stomachs. It made Stiles feel like a school girl but he couldn't blame himself for not acting natural around Derek Hale, sexiest man alive.

He mentally highfived himself for somehow being able to have such a boyfriend.

Derek couldn't stop that tiny smile from etching it's way on his face when stiles was in the room. His mate.

Derek wanted to postpone telling him until he felt the boy was ready, they hadn't been boyfriends for a day and Derek wanted to take it slow, even if his wolf didn't.

So instead, he watched Stiles make lunch. He looked really cute in his shirt with the thumbholes and he was physically fighting the urge to just kiss him. But the pack was in the room and Derek was conscious of showing affection in front of them. The pack didn't notice his state because they helping out with the food but mostly discussing their relationship, unfortunately.

"I bet Derek 'll top." Jackson leered, making Peter cackle and Boyd spit out his water. Lara and Scott slapped him simultaneously, beating Derek to it.

Derek watched as Stiles' face heated up, which was not doing well for him because that urge grew stronger as oh god his cheeks matched his shirt. Derek's wolf clawed and whined at him to show the boy some affection, Derek gritted his teeth.

As Derek tried to compose himself, Stiles pointed his spoon in the direction of the two. "You guys are two of my three favourite people in this house right now, I'm making you cookies." Both Lara and Scott's faces lit up at the magic word, both high fiving each other.

Scott and Lara earned affectionate looks from their partners at their surprisingly kiddie-like behaviour. Cora couldn't resist kissing Lara's nose.

After an infuriating Lunch, Derek went to look for stiles. Erica and Jackson had taken it upon themselves to piss both Stiles and Derek off, Erica remarking about how cute they looked in her rather sappy way and Jackson making sex jokes so raunchy, Lydia threatened not to sleep in his bed for a week if he didn't stop.

What Derek needed right now was Stiles, to cuddle up next to him and nuzzle and nip his deliciously pale neck while wrapping his arms around him. He wanted to kiss him again so badly it was embarrassing. He'd never felt so needy.

He could hear voices from Stiles' room. The door was open and Isaac was just lounging on his desk chair while talking to Stiles, who was sitting on the bed.

Derek leaned on the doorframe and smiled affectionately at the way Stiles jumped when he noticed that Derek was standing there.

Derek turned his gaze to Isaac, he raised an eyebrow to the boy in a please-get-the-fuck-out Sort of way.

Isaac winked at Stiles as he left, Derek glaring at him a little and Stiles shutting the door behind him.

When stiles turned around to face Derek, he was met by his lips. They kissed sweetly and Derek pulled away to wrap his arms around him and nuzzle his neck. Stiles bit back a giggle as Derek's teeth grazed his neck, then failing when Derek nipped at it.

Stiles gently pulled away and smiled at his boyfriend. "You wanted to take me up on that promise?" He asked, Derek nodding his head.

Stiles led him out of the door and towards Derek's room. Stiles totally did not watch his ass as he climbed up the ladder and he totally did not drool a little. Of course not.

They took off their jeans and shoes, Derek pulling Stiles into a kiss before them both crawling into bed and snuggling against each other.

Stiles ran his hand through Derek's hair, stopping behind his ear. A smile flashed across his face as an idea hit him and he started to scratch.

Derek's eyes flew open and his whole body tensed, his features melted into a look of pleasure as his body relaxed and he leaned into the boy's touch, whimpering a little.

He could just imagine the smug smile on his face right now and it made him heat up a bit, no one had really seen this side of Derek before.

A low rumbling sound emitted from the Alpha and Stiles realised that he was purring.

Stiles began to scratch more vigorously and Derek made a whining sound that was just too cute. "Your adorable Der." Stiles cooed affectionately as Derek whined and purred, nuzzling into Stiles as he scratched him behind his ear.

"You're the only person who can say that without losing a hand- ah!" Derek whined after Stiles began behind his other ear, feeling slightly ridiculous but silently begging him to never stop.

"Where's Mom?" Scott asked Peter, they were writing a shopping list and they needed the packmom to help them remember what they needed, Stiles seemed to be pretty good at that.

Peter smirked a little. "He's upstairs in Derek's room." He answered with the waggling of the eyebrows, earning Danny's attention and making Scott's eyebrows climb.

Danny flashed a smile. "Do you think they're...?" He trailed off at Scott's look of distress.

Peter waved it off. "Nah. I passed the ladder and the trap door was open, they wouldn't fuck if they had it open besides, I didn't hear any sex noises." Scott sighed in relief, this conversation was uncomfortable to say the least.

"What? So you think they're cuddling?" Danny mused, he never thought he would put 'Derek' and 'cuddling' in the same sentence before.

Peter grinned. "To be honest, it wouldn't surprise me." He muttered, writing 50 gallons of gasoline on the shopping list. Danny raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Our attack plan." Scott explained, writing ChAInZ in his shitty handwriting on the list. "We lock all the doors and windows of the warehouse, splash some fuel while they're inside and light the match."

"isn't that a little... Extreme?" Danny queried.

Scott sighed, he agreed internally. "At first I thought that too, but they aren't just our enemies, they also eat people so we would of had to anyway if they didn't declare war on our pack."

Danny nodded in agreement. He then left the kitchen, looking for Isaac and passed Cora's open room door where both Lara and Cora were making out viciously. Like fangs-out-and-eyes-glowing viciously. Gross.

"lesbians." Danny tutted, scrunching up his nose and closing their door, hoping for the love of God that Stiles and Derek weren't so careless in that sort of way.

They probably would be though.



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