Blood Thirsty, Chapter 3

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As I lay there on a cold metal frame in the dark I start to wonder how I got here. The last I remembered was biting the bartender and then Blake throwing me through a brick wall! I started to panic, I was alone on a metal table and in a distance I could hear people talking.

 Suddenly double doors swung open and the lights flickered on.

 "Do we have an ID yet on the girl?" I heard an older man ask.

"No, not yet" the nurse answered.

 "Cause of death?" the man asked as he went over and removed the sheet from my face.

 "Animal attack", she said.


-the doctor thought as he looked at the bite marks on my neck. He traced his warm hand lightly around my neck were the pain had started. Suddenly a loud beeper went off, the doctor looked at his pager

, "Oh crap, gotta run, they want me down in room 216". See you later Janice" he replied

. "Kay see ya" she grumbled. She finished what she was working on and then started typing. The doors swung open yet again, but this time a young man came in.

"Hey Janice, I've got an ID on the girl, her names Rachel, Rachel Conners. ~ The nurse took a swift glance at my dead body and finished her work. He stepped closer to the tabel I was on and bent over me inspecting my face and neck.

 Janice grabbed a stack full of papers and left the morge. I could tell he was still over me because his breath smelled like mint and his warmth was like a radiator next to me. I could feel him, it was very strange, I could hear his thoughts and yet feel his presance

. I lay very still while i saw in his mind what he was doing and looking at. He took a swift look back at the double doors and then went over and locked them.

He turned off the lights and came over to were he had left me, and turned on a nearby light to use as a spot light. I felt his hand trace over a hole in my neck that was just bearly visible. At the exact point of contact I opened my eyes and glared at him.

Stunned, he stumbled backwards and hit a monitor. I slowly got up stiff as a board as i was from laying there all this time, and stood up. The sheet fell from me silently to the floor. He stared in both confusion and fear. As i slowly looked down at what he was really staring at, i gasped and and grabbed the sheet from the floor.

 I scanned the room until i found what I was looking for. I walked over to the wall with a row of silver hooks and grabbed a white lab coat and a pair of scrubs.

 I quickly changed and turned around. He wasnt were I had left him. He was at the counter scrambling through a medicen cabinet looking for some sort of injection.

 I walked toward him with a curious look, but he turned around with a needle in hand and yelled "Dont come any closer!!"

 I laughed and his hand began to shake even more. He took a step closer and I one back. I didnt want to kill him, but he left me no choice when he tried to inject me with his poisen. He lunged at me but i dodged to the left.

He looked up at me while my head was tilted to the side trying to figure out if he really knew what i was. While I stared into his eyes I said in my mind "stand up!".

 He did so and i was in total shock, I didnt actually think this sort of thing was real. I mean my dad used to tell me stories about the night walkers and the speakers of the mind, but i never really believed him

 I asked him if he knew what I was, but he said no.... I was just a few feet from him now when I was just about to ask him something else when i heard a voice coming. Coming from outside the double doors but coming this way. The voice I could have sworn I knew so i let go of my trance and looked at the direction of the door

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