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Terribly Insecure…

Certified Wallflower…

Queen of Unconfidence…

And simply C-L-U-M-S-Y, clumsy!

(Edi siya na! Siya na ang nobody!)

Yan si Miss Cezarina Isabel Millo or Rin (as her brothers call her) or simply Miss Clumsy!

Para siyang robot kung mabuhay sa mundo.

Gising, kain, aral, kain, aral, aral, aral, aral, daydream, read novels, tulog.

Yan ang schedule niya araw-araw

Hanggang sa basagin ang katahimikan ng kanyang mundo ng isang mala-demigod na hinulog sa kanilang school at di alam kung saang lupalop nagmula.

She developed a bad habit later in her life and that’s falling on capital H-I-M.

Pero pano siya manonotice ng kanyang “Man of her Dreams” when she can’t even catch his eyes!

Then she meets Alicia Araneta (the new goddess of Milton Academy who tries to change her) and Luke Buenaventura (who fell in love with a Porsche) and his little gang of narcissists. Magulo na nga buhay niya, dumagdag pa sila. End of the world na toh!

So what does she do?

TRANSFORM! Err.. No.. Di na uso yan.. Pero pwede rin!

Let’s find out how Rin finally enjoys LIFE, find FRIENDS, discovers and rediscovers LOVE along the way and realize what her true CHALLENGE is.

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I wouldn't promise na this would reach your expectations. I wouldn't promise that this would be a really good story. One thing lang na I assure is that I did pour my heart in this and would try to update everyday. If it doesn't get much votes, then it means its not that good. It's okay ^_^ I'll try to be better in my succeeding stories na lang.

Still. I want to know if my story is good or bad. I do want to know how to make it better. SO I hope you comment your reactions.

VOTE if you think this is good and you want some more. DON'T if it is not in your heart to do so.

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