Chapter 4

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Tsukiko swayed slowly from side to side on the chair, humming.

From time to time, Taiyou-kun turned and looked at her, but soon returned to what he was doing, never saying a word.

You wanna tell me to stop, she knew, her smile broadening. She was also absolutely sure the overly polite boy would never say something this rude, so he simply resumed cooking their breakfast.

"What's the matter, Taiyou-kun?" she teased him, stopping her swaying. The girl also knew there was another reason the boy wouldn't tell her to stop. He's just as happy as me. Tsukiko had already caught him grinning twice.

"You two seem too happy this early in the morning," a voice said, followed by a yawn.

Tsukiko turned her head. "Rin-nee!" Even if the sight of the woman coming from the bedroom wearing nothing but a shirt and a short surprised the girl the first time she saw, now she was used to it, and her smile grew. "Good morning!"

"Morning." The boy's aunt yawn again, rubbing her temples. "Could you please not speak so loud?"

"Okay," Tsukiko said as the woman sat next to her. The girl stopped swaying on her seat.

"Thanks." Rin-nee rested her forehead on the counter. She groaned suddenly, her voice muffled. "Never again, I swear. Thanks, Taiyou," she added when the boy brought her a cup of coffee.

"You say this every time," Taiyou-kun whispered. It wasn't loud enough for his aunt to hear, but it was enough for Tsukiko, and the girl chuckled.

"It wasn't my fault." After the first sip, Rin-nee seemed a bit more energetic. "It was all Sawako. Her daughter spent the past few days with her parents and is coming back today, so she wanted to 'go wild' before going back to motherhood." She took another sip, this time taking her time to savor it. "I should've known she was missing Aika-chan. Wait... so it is my fault." Despite her words, Tsukiko saw the smile on the woman's lips. "So, why are you two so happy this early?"

"We're gonna spend the day in Akihabara!" Tsukiko announced with her biggest smile yet.

Rin-nee widened her eyes so much the girl chuckled for the exaggerated reaction. "For his first time to be with a cute girl... My nephew's not ready for that," she said, shaking her head. "Ouch." Suddenly she pressed her temple with the left hand.

Tsukiko laughed. Rin-nee never missed an opportunity to tease her nephew. I have much to learn with Rin-nee, she thought and then turned to the boy. His reactions are too adorable. Taiyou-kun blushed and tried to hide his face by turning his back to them.

"He may not be ready, but he's gonna do his best for me," she said, leaning turning to the boy. "Isn't that right, Taiyou-kun?"

The boy didn't answer. He kept cooking as if he heard nothing, but the girl could see even the tip of his ears reddening.

Rin-nee chuckled. "I can't believe my little boy's growing up," she said, finishing her cup of coffee and filling it again. "What's the special occasion?"

"My birthday," Tsukiko said quickly, putting a lock of hair behind her ear.

Rin-nee widened her eyes again. This time Tsukiko knew it was for real. A second later, the woman had a smile on her lips. "Happy birthday, Tsukiko-chan."

"Thanks," the girl said. "It's actually to-tomorrow." She blushed a little and avoided the woman's eyes.

Rin-nee stared her while drinking her coffee. "How old are you turning?"

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