Chapter 16

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Previously:  "Well, kitten, since there's a festival tonight and everyone's going to it, I came to ask you if you wanted to go with me"  

Twilight had fallen upon Edo, casting an orange-indigo hue over the city. 

Souji leaned on the wall next to the entrance of Rin's room, his arms crossed and his eyes closed. He didn't know what prompted him to ask Rin to the festival. All he remembered was an overwhelming feeling that compelled him to ask the raven haired girl out. The only explanation, he assumed, were his growing feeling for her: he had an undying urge to protect her and just generally be around her. She was usually so cute, he couldn't help it. Every action of hers set him on fire internally and sometimes he found himself wanting to hold her close.

He couldn't explain it. 

Her scowl, irritation, annoyance, laughter, sarcasm, comments, voice, eyes-

Oh God those eyes.

Her eyes were an ever changing, beautiful swirl of teal, with every hue of blue and green shining in them, stark against the contrast of her porcelain white skin and obsidian hair-

"Why do you have such a creepy expression on your face?"

Souji's head snapped up to find Rin staring at him with a mildly creeped out look. 

The brunette smirked at her. "I was just imagining what your expression would be like if I'd cut you."

Rin immediately took an exaggerated step away from Souji. "I'm reconsidering my decision of going to the festival with you" she said dryly.

"It's your fault for taking so long; you bored me into imagining your death."

"Aren't you charming..."

Souji merely flashed a grin at her. "Every woman wants me for my irresistible charm~"

"More like every woman stays away from you because of your creepy, annoying and egoistical nature"

"Aww, you flatter me too much, kitten~"

"Shut up Souji. Let's go. I need to stop somewhere for a bit"

Souji let out a sigh or annoyance, but followed Rin anyways, constantly pestering her about their next location. 

Rin answered with silence.

They walked for a while as the darkness grew and the only sources of light were the lanterns hung in the streets at stalls, restaurants and red light districts.

Rin entered a shabby looking building and disappeared for a while, leaving Souji by himself once again.

Souji clicked his tongue and idly roamed his eyes across the street; it was quite ordinary, lined with dango and food stalls, a clothes shop in the corner and a restaurant at the far end of the street.

"Let's go?"

Souji turned around with impatience and irritation with the intention to make a snide and sarcastic remark about being late, but stopped immediately.

No words could leave his mouth as he took in the sight before him: Rin wore a dark blue silk kimono with silver and light pink floral designs running up the cloth and elegantly merging with a similar design on her sleeves. The haneri was a soft silver, matching the obi and giving the kimono a soft yet beautiful look by clashing against the dark cloth of the kimono. Her raven tresses were tied up elegantly, into a complex looking bun with several intricate folds held together with a single hairpin. Rin had left her bangs out, which fell towards the left along with purposefully misplaced strands of hair that framed her face, stark against her pale skin, giving the neat hairstyle a subtle hint of messiness and youth which gave it an unpredictable touch of perfection. Rin's already unnaturally perfect face had the softest hint of make up, very unlike the stark white make-up geishas usually had on. Souji's eyes momentarily flitted to her lips; they were painted with an elegant red that gave her soft, pale skin an ethereal glow. The only thing out of place was the sheathed katana she carried at her side, peeking out slightly from under the kimono's cloth.

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