Of All The Awkward and Disturbing Things

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Oh, the way that things work. xD


It was like the dining room had expanded upward, he was sure of it. The usual warm colors that decorated the place were gone, and so was the morning-scene his mother loved to enchant the ceiling with. All that he remembered the room to be was replaced by shades of silver, pale-blue and a lilac. The usually-enchanted ceiling was as neutral as he had ever seen it; nothing was displaying but floating paper-lanterns that spiraled their way up there, glowing with bright candles inside. And if that didn't seem to add enough to the nauseating decorations he stumbled into, he had to dodge a few silver balloons that decorated the corner table, where vast amounts of gifts sat.

He glanced towards the empty dining table as he attempted to get a glass of water, finding a majestic pastry sitting perfectly baked in the middle of the table. It was layered from biggest to smallest, about ten levels all decorated with the same shades of silver, pale-blue and lilac. Curious candles stuck out of the cake with illuminating tips, almost like small stars lived in the ends. And past those frosted levels, at the top of a cake stood an almighty number, fourteen. Glittering like jewels on top of the cake.

Frowning at the over-the-top pastry, he headed out of the dining room with a bit of annoyance crawling up inside of him. "—Happy Birthday, Ana!" And right on cue, Scorpius made it to the living room of his house to see the Thomas family apparate into it. "Happy Birthday, Savanna!"

Smiling hugely, Savanna Zabini made her way to the family. Her eyes sparkling for the gift that awaited for her. (And if there was one thing they looked forward to on birthdays, it was the generosity that Luna had with the children.) "Thank you so much!" She proceeded to hug them, excitement written all over her tanned-face.

From the corner where he was trying to hide himself in, due to the people invading his home, Scorpius saw his Grandmother Narcissa nudge Ariana to move towards the guests. "Thanks for coming, Mister and Mrs. Thomas,” she said to the adults, her voice strained as she hugged them in welcome.

" Hope you like what we got you, Ana."

"Yeah, we gave it lots of thought." Lorcan and Lysander said in unison, handing Ariana a box covered in ruby-colored wrappings.

"…It's a book," Dawn whispered after her brothers made their way to their old friend - Dash Finnegan, who was spending the holidays in Britain.

"Then I'm sure I'll love it,” the birthday girl replied, looking at the twins and smiling at them gratefully; even as her eyes glittered with something else.

"Thanks for making it, Luna." Walking past the crowd of people, Hermione Malfoy hugged her old friends. "Dean, thank you. I know you had a lot of work at the hospital, but I truly appreciate you bringing the children."

Dean smiled, waving her gratitude away. "Nonsense, 'Mione, it's a tradition. We couldn't miss it."


"—Happy birthday, girls!" And adding to the living room stampede, George and Angelina Weasley apparated into view. Their twins walking out from the burning emerald flames of the Floo Network, both looking the sharpest as they smiled at the birthday girls. "Oi, where's Zabini at? I've brought the Firewhiskey!"

"George!" Molly Weasley scowled from an armchair at the end of the living room. "You better not even dare! You've got to open the store early tomorrow, these are the times it is more packed and you need to be fully aware."

"Got it covered, mum." George flashed a grin at his mother, pulling out his bottle of liquor and flashing it at Harry and Ron. "Fred's going to be helping me for what’s left of the holiday."

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