xxxiii. think about it

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"Tina," Clark turned around onto his stomach. The brunette buried his face in Indie's unused bed and let out a loud groan as he turned onto his side to face the brunette who was lying face down on her own bed. The two having been laying there for what felt like a million hours.

"What?" She moaned quietly and squirmed in her spot, resting her head on her crossed arms.

"I'm super bored," he complained and turned around onto his back. "Can we do something please? Anything?"

"Like what?"

"I don't know. You come up with good ideas. Decide," he told her and stretched out his arms above his head.

"Can I have your phone?" She asked, yawning as she tossed her arm over the edge of the bed, letting it dangle out for the cell phone.

Clark didn't question why she wanted the device and instead felt around the mattress for the case that held it. When he found it he leaned over and set it in her hand.

"What are you doing?"

"Finding that lover boy of yours," she grinned and turned away from him, knowing that he'd jump up immediately to get it from her.

"Tina!" Clark groaned and jumped up, squirming over to get to her. "I told you I'd let you know when I was ready."

"Clark, you put a heart next to his name," Tina rolled her eyes. "You're more than ready."

"Tina, give me the phone!" He yelped.

"It's ringing," she squirmed further away from him before letting out a scream when he put all his weight down on her. "Clark!" She gasped.

"Give me my phone," he reached for it but she tucked it tighter to her body, holding onto it as the ringing ending.

"Hey babe," the familiar voice answered, clearly still on the move by the sound of movement that ruffled through the the speaker and into the brunette's ear. "Clark?" He asked again when he got no answer.

"Liam?" Tina asked, turning her body to sit up at the sound of her friend's voice. Her eyes widened when the realization sunk in and Clark sighed, looking down at his feet.

"I was going to tell you," he bit down on his lip. "I swear I was."

"Tina? Hey, long time," Liam spoke into the phone and Tina bit back a smile.

"What are you doing right now?" Tina asked.

"Uh, just walking back to my dorm," he explained. "Why?"

"We're coming to pick you up! We're going to do something," Tina told him and got up from the bed. "We'll be there in a bit to come get you."

"Sounds good," Liam chuckled. "See you in a bit."

"See you," Tina jumped up and grabbed her shoes off the floor. "Come on, let's go."

"You're not upset?" He asked.

"Why would I be upset?" Tina laughed. "I said I was happy if you were, Clark."

"Yeah, but you had something with him," Clark rubbed his neck as he followed her out of the dorm room.

"For like two seconds," she rolled her eyes. "And now that I know, it explains a lot. Like, a lot."

Clark laughed, "He's pretty great."

"I'm sure," Tina smiled. "It seriously makes a lot more sense."

"Didn't hide it well?"

"The fact that he was more interested in the guy on the bachelor and not the women kind of hinted at it," Tina laughed and then ran off from the brunette, finding another under the hood of her car. "We done?"

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