Ch 24: Phacochoerus Africanus

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Killian POV:

I did manage to get my letter to post. Although I was in no mood to flirt with the blonde woman there.

I just wanted my damned letter sent and to lock the blasted brunette in a room until she ripped the damned curls from her head.

Thanks to her - and my own lusts- I was in a rather difficult situation.

I was told not to touch Ginny Gladstone, which would not have been a problem had she been the immobile and weakened woman my employer and everyone looking for her assumed.

But no, the woman was a sly minx with a mane of bronze hair and haunting hazel eyes.

And rather perfect breasts.

Even the light dusting of freckles over her cheeks was somehow erotic.

She oozed sensuality and coldness at the same time

It made absolutely no sense, but that was Gizmo.

"Would you need anything else sir?"

I sighed a bit to myself, reaching into my pocket to grab some coin to pay for my post, "no, dear I am fine thank you just a bit-"

I nearly dropped my coinage when I saw a woman very distinct and horribly tacky dress walk by the post office arm in arm with a rather burly looking man. a sailor probably.

Damn it.

I knew I shouldn't have left her alone.

I left the money and without much of a goodbye ran out onto the street.

It wasn't until I got closer that I realized something was gone.

Gizmo lacked her normal easy gait, her steps would faulter every now and again and she started to walk a bit away from the man.

And his grip on her looked anything but polite after one looked past his easy smile.


Just wonderful.

I warn the girl and she not only wears alarmingly ugly skirts but runs into trouble the moment I look away.

they were headed for the port so naturally I followed.

He ended up taking her to a rather desolate place, a small shipping yard in the less busy area.

I watched carefully, crouched behind a crate as he shoves her away from him practically shouting at her, "Alright ye little devil, enough of this damn chase! I don care what they saying about your prissy little arse. I want my answers."

Slowly I shrugged off my jacket as Gizmo eyes narrowed coldly on him, her chin tiling hastily, "perhaps if you learned proper english and did not resemble a Phacochoerus africanus I would be more inclined to answer your question."

The man faltered a bit, "a wha?"

"A common warthog. I would have referred to you as a baboon but I had no wish to insult them."

I closed my eyes sighing a bit, really dear, a warthog? must you provoke those three times your size and obviously well..boorish?

The man made a rather offended sound, "you little bint!"

She waved him off dismissively, "yes yes, I have often been called worse. are we done with our tantrum now or does the little tyke need to cry to mum more?"

Lord, she was going to get herself killed. I pulled a knife from my boot at the same time the bastard pulled one on her.

Creeping through the shadows I slowly began to approach the duo.

But naturally, this was gizmo, so at the near exact moment I had a knife to the mans throat the woman was pointing her pistol between his eyes.

She peered at me, "why, Mr Blythe is it you are ruining my kill?"

"you are not a murderess Gizmo dear."

"It would be interesting though, to try my hand at re animating corpses."

By now the man was starting to shake.

I could not blame him really, having a knife to your throat and the barrel of a gun in your face is not pleasant, much less when the gun wilder is even 1/10th as cold as gizmo is.

So naturally i decided to change the subject, still locked in the deadly position, "You own that horrid dress is more than one color?"

"Red is my color as a whore you know."

"it is a very dashing color on you."

"I know."

Modest, this woman.

"so. which one of us is killing him?"

"must you always be so crass Gizmo dear? a lady should be more polite."

"There is more lady in this fools pants than there is in me."

I was beginning to get a headache, "I need to talk to him and see why he's here."

she rose a thin brow. "or we could just shoot him."

"We are n-"

She cocked her gun, "I wonder how much brain will splatter at such a close range."

"Are you mad woman?!"

"As a bloody hatter who drank the green fairy."

I was done with this conversation, the brute was beginning to sweat in a much to close proximity to me.

So I elbowed him in the back of the neck, watching as he fell to the floor unconscious.

Gizmo just gave me a bland look, "lovely trick. but I am not opposed shooting a man while he's down."

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