Tolerating Part 31

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30th October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

At least I have learnt how to tolerate the darling men. When I wasn't wanting to throttle them that is.

Reid was completely serious about the marrying issue with Jack giving him his full support on the matter.

" To be honest Sar, you kind of have been mothering me ever since you rescued me from those bullies when we went to school. So it's no skin off my nose if the step mother that dad gives me is you." Jack calmly said as he scoffed down a few cakes I made one time.

I calmly and eloquently told him to eff off. Him and Reid too.

I had already mentioned to Reid that I couldn't marry him or anyone else. I would be too much of a liability on them and it would cause them to suffer somewhat in some way. And it would, no question about it.

That was somehting I wasn't going to put up with. Having someone suffer because of having to care for my needs even though I was fairly independent these days.

But he won't take no for an aswer, the stupid man. He was always hanging around after he found out where I now lived. Even when they went home, he always came back darn it.

Does he not realise that we can't have any kind of normal marriage. He would be always looking at doing things for me or changing things for me.

I will not tolerate him or anyone doing that when I can do it nearly all by myself.

Plus I was settled right here and I wasn't going to move for any reason. I can't count how many times I whinged and sooked about that before hoofing it to my room to get away from them all.

Jess just laughed about it all since she found it fairly amusing with all the squabbling happening around the place.

What did surprise me somewhat was that Reid and Brian actually got on very well together. I suppose the talk that Brian had with Reid would have had something to do with it, I think.

Then there was the day that Reid turned up and I wasn't there.

He didn't wait for anyone to tell him where I was. He went into full on panic mode like he did back home when he found me gone from the hospital.

I was hoping that someone would have taped that. I would have enjoyed watching it later and laughing about it.

That was when he found out I could drive the little modified car that was specifically for my use. He also found out that I sometimes go into town to speak to one of the young ones who has had a stroke or an accident.

Seeing that I know what I am talking, it makes it easier for these one's to relate and confide in me.

I wasn't able to finish my courses I had chosen for college, or uni. So I looked into what I could do and the fact that I was recovering from an ABI was what made the choice for me. But to fill the void of my chosen career from before this happened to me, Brian taught me all he knew about gardening.

I still wasn't sure what I would be doing eventually, but it wasn't really a surprise that the job found me.

That and Joy Thoms who I keep in touch with every month or so.

" You're in the prime position to relate and be able to reach these people who can come to you. You are the one to know what to say and when to say it as well as draw them out so that they can begin to talk. This is a seriously good option for you to consider. It will not only help you, but you will then be in a position to help others. Just think about it girl." Joy said to me the first time the subject came up.

And so I did.

I looked into what it would entail and finding out that I have first hand knowledge on the subject entitled me to an entrance with a fifty percent acceptance which halved the whole core unit involved.

I graduated well over a year ago with honors.

So I am not just Sarah West anymore. I'm Doctor Sarah West. Psychiatrist specialising in Aquired Brain Injuries. The fact that I was nearly out of my teens helps when the patient or client in question that is referred to me is or was the age to when I had my injury.

So far I have had some real good success.

" You won't always win that one client over who refuses to be helped and there is nothing you can do about it except accept their decision. You will know when that happens and you just have to grieve a little for that one person and put them in a drawer and close it for a while. You have to. It's the only way to keep your senses.. and your sanity." Joy went on to say when I asked her about it once.

It made sense to me and it has been sad that I have had to actually do that a couple of times with a couple of the clients.

So, when Reid found out that I could drive along with have a job, he panicked, the damn twit.

I called him that when he came running outside when I pulled up after coming home from dealing with a rather grueling client back in town.

He helped me out of the car and just hugged me close.

I think that was when I realised that he really did love me when I fell his tears fall down over my own face that time. But he was still a twit and I told him so.. again.

Then we walked inside. I said we since he had me glued to his side and wouldn't let me go.

He had found over time that I didn't always need the walker or the chair if I took things very carefully. So he made sure that i walked with him slow but carefully with each step.

" But you're still a twit." I said to him more than once.

It wasn't until I got inside this time that i had another couple of visitors.

" Barb. How nice to see you." I said very slowly as I spoke clearly to them despite the day that I had earlier.

" Okay now that I have seen you. Bitch. You scared us all when you vanished. Especially those two turkeys." She said as she motioned to Reid and Jack.

But it was the cough from behind her that drew my attention.

Mrs Beemer.

" Hello Aunty Pat." I said to her very quietly as I moved closer to give her a hug. One that she deserved after putting up with me, especially after I vanished on her I'm sure.

It was so nice to see her, and Barb too of course who rattled on and on about her life. She works as a secretary in Nampa in a big corporation that was new to the city.

She got a little pink in the face when she talked about her boss, Duggan something or other.

I guess there might be something happening there with them before too long.

Anyway, it was nice to have the whole gang here.

Especially Andy who has taken a real good shine to his gamma.

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