The stars are burning bright [ jacob black story 01]

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I groaned almost silently-but still hoping my mother would hear-as we pulled into our new home's driveway. I shook my head as I got out of the car. The house was ancient. It looked like it could of been around a hundred years ago. Not to mention it looked creepy. It was a tall white two-story house, but the dark sky portrayed it as something sinister and evil. And despite the white appearance, it looked almost black next to the cloudy sky.

"Hey look Teg," my mom spoke in an way to cheery voice, stressing my nickname-hoping it would lighten the mood. I looked over at her, for the first time during the whole ride to see what she was talking about.

"Look at what?" I asked annoyed, not noticing what her finger was pointing at.

She grinned, "Ha ha, you talked to me!"

I rolled my eyes at her and turned around, "That's so juvenile, Mom."

She laughed extremely loud, "I'm the juvenile one? If I don't remember correctly..weren't you the teenager who tried to sneak in at three in the morning last week?" I muttered something under my breath. I didn't care if she heard me-I just couldn't think of anything to say-so I mumbled. She didn't understand. She never would understand. Why did she have to keep bringing up that night anyway?

I couldn't stand it.

I couldn't stand her.

When we stopped in front of the house I immediately jumped out. I needed to get away from her. I was about to go crazy. I pulled a few bags from the back seat and looked around me. Everything was green. Too green. Where were the sidewalks and stores? Even the houses were spread entirely too far apart. It was nothing like my old home, back in the city where the houses were practically piled on top of each other. Squeezing in so that there was room for more people. No-this was different in the extreme.

I walked into the house and inhaled deeply. I wrinkled my nose instantly. It smelled faintly like moth balls and an antique shop. I shook my head quickly, trying to shake the smell out. However, it did not work. I wound my way across the huge living room and towards the stairs. I still did not understand why three people needed such a enormous house. There were five bedrooms and four bathrooms. This was seriously ridiculous.

At our old house there were only three rooms and one bathroom. You could say that this was definitely a drastic change. I turned around as I approached the stairs. I glanced at my mother who was struggling with a huge box. My instincts told me I should help her. I should take the box from her-or at least help her carry it. But, I didn't want to, not at this particular moment at least. I was mad. No-I was pissed at her. I'd lived in that city my entire life and she made us Of all places in the world.

We had to move to La Push.

I quickly bounced up the stairs before she could ask for help. She would be lucky if I ever spoke to her again. Besides...that time in the car. That was accidental-not to mention-she tricked me.

I looked around the rooms and finally decided on a fairly large room-not the biggest though. I was going to leave that for my mother. I don't know why though, considering I hated her right now.

It took over three hours to get completely settled in. In my room at least. I helped some downstairs-but I tried to do as little as possible. I didn't want her to think I was over the fact that she made me move here. I laid down on my bed and shut my eyes tight. I instantly thought of my friends back home. I wondered what they were doing at this exact moment. I bet they weren't even sorry to see me leave. I knew Stephen wasn't. No he definitely wasn't. He was free now-to do whatever he wanted...

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