Chapter Two

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"Truth or dare, Prim?" Cato asks.

Prim's eyes are wide. She is absolutely terrified of Cato.

"Truth! Truth!" she whispers.

"Who's your crush?" Cato says simply.

Prim visibly cringes.

"Rory," she responds, not saying anything else about the subject.

She spins the bottle, which does almost a half turn, and lands on me.

"Dare," I say quickly.

"I dare you to switch clothes with Glimmer for the rest of the game," Prim tells me.

I eye Glimmer's clothes. That crop top is just black, luckily, but that skirt. Way too short. At least it's just white with black accents.

Glimmer and I go into another room and change. Glimmer is disgusted with my clothes, as I am with hers.

When I come out, Cato's eyeing my body with an evil smirk. I honestly don't like how these clothes show off my body. I don't need boys staring at me like Glimmer does.

I sit back down and spin the bottle. It lands on Annie.

"Truth or dare, Annie?" I ask.

"Truth," she says.

"Have you ever cheated on Finnick?" I answer.

Finnick and Annie are dating, so this is an interesting question.

"No," Annie replies without hesitation as she spins the bottle.

It lands on Gale.

"Truth or dare?" Annie asks.

Hmm. She seems to be really in the zone today.

"Dare," Gale responds.

"I dare you to go have seven minutes in heaven with Katniss."

Katniss cringes. Gale almost seems pleased.

"Let's go, Catnip," he says.

Katniss gets up and walks to a bedroom with Gale. The door closes and seven minutes starts.

Katniss' POV

Ugh. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Ugh. Just ugh. Now I have to have sex with Gale.

Gale quickly removes his shirt and pants, as I do with mine. He lies down on the bed and I quickly crawl on top of him.

"Catnip," Gale murmurs, staring up into my grey eyes.

"Don't say anything, Gale," I say softly, before I press my lips against his.

And then it's not soft anymore. As our hips rub together, we roll over and over on top of eachother as our lips move in sync.

Gale removes my bra and underwear, then he takes off his own boxers so we're naked in bed together. He starts to suck on my nipple, making my back arch in pleasure. Then he sucks my neck, occasionally biting it. It's harsh but I love it. Peeta was always too soft. Then I climb down to his groin and suck it hard.

"Catnip. Catnip," Gale moans.

I smile and climb back up as I press my lips against his again.

"I love you," Gale whispers.

"I always have," I whisper back.

I crush my lips with his again, as our bodies turn into one.

This is way better sex than I've ever had with Peeta.

After a few too short minutes, someone shouts, "Time's up! You can come out now!"

We're both gasping for breath, as we put our clothes back on.

"Gale, one last thing," I whisper before we go out of the room.

Gale touches my cheek, his eyes gentle.

"Yes?" he asks softly.

I press my lips against his briefly.

"I don't love Peeta. Know that. I never have and I never will. I know I'm selfish for using him like this but I have to. I love you. That was the best sex I've ever had," I say quietly.

Gale smiles.

"I love you too," he whispers.

Then I open the door and we both sit back down in the circle. Peeta's glaring at Gale as Gale spins the bottle. It lands on Johanna.

Gale's POV

Wow. I just had sex with the sexiest girl on earth. And she said she loved me. And she actually kissed me. This is the best day ever.

Peeta's POV

I glare at Gale. She's mine. The hottest girl on earth is mine. Mine to have sex with. Mine to love. Mine to marry. Mine to have kids with. He will pay for that.

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