The Fantasy Series [1/4]

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*Calum Hood Smut*

"What's your secret fantasy," I ask Calum randomly. We're both sitting on our couch, a book in my lap while he's watching a soccer game on the television. "What, baby?" He turns towards me, muting the volume on the TV.

"What's your secret fantasy," I repeat, not as confident as before.

"My fantasy," he asks, tilting his head slightly.

"Yes," I blush.

"Oh, you mean sexually," his smirk turns wolfish.

I nod mutely. His expression turns serious.

"I don't know if I should tell you this, Darling," he mumbles.

"Why," I murmur.

"Our sex life is fairly new, Baby. You were a virgin; innocent, I don't want to corrupt your mind with this."

"Nothing's going to change who I am Calum," I say, sitting straight on my knees, the book long forgotten.

"I know beautiful, but I don't know if you'd be comfortable with this."

"What is it," I ask. He's silent for a moment.

"I've always dreamed of you dominating me. Tying me up to the bed, a little strip tease maybe," he blushes. Huh, never thought I'd see the day where I can make Calum blush.

Of course he blushes whenever I tell him I love him, but that's different. This is sex we're talking about. Something I'm still growing accustomed too.

"Dominating you," my voice cracks. I'm very nervous now. I knew he's experienced, but I never knew he'd have already thought about this. When I asked him about his fantasy, I thought it would be something simple, like sleeping on the couch... not this.

"Baby, it's just a fantasy, I'm not going to make you do this if you're not comfortable," Calum mumbles, his hands holding my face. He presses a kiss to my cheek.

"I love you, and if you're not ready for something that drastic, it's okay. Hell, you just lost your virginity last week. Oh shit, I shouldn't have said anything, now I'm going to scare you, and push you away, and we're—"

"Calum, it's okay." I press a kiss to his lips.

"I was the one who asked, I knew what I was getting myself into when I asked."

"Okay," he sighs in relief.

"Besides, it's just a fantasy, Baby. I don't expect something like that to happen."

"Okay," I mumble. He pulls me in for a soft kiss.


"Does Calum know what you're up to," my best friend Lana asks. We're both out shopping. At the moment we're getting food. Pizza, yummy!

"No he doesn't Lana, and I tend to keep it that way." I stuff a big piece of pizza into my mouth. Delicious. "So what's the plan then," she asks while sipping her Sprite. I wipe the corner of my mouth with a napkin.

"I plan to just spring it on him," I say, sipping my Pepsi.

"So you're just going to wing it," she asks, lifting an eyebrow.

"Most likely," I mumble with food in my mouth.

"Okay, just remember, the art of seduction is pretending to know what you're doing. As long as you show Calum your 'tough' side, he'll never know the difference. Besides, it'll be easier when you're in lingerie or nude," she says with a small laugh.

"I'm surprised I'm comfortable talking about this," I say.

"Well, we're best friends. And you lost your virginity, you're bound to feel sexy," she winks.

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