Copeland couldn't help but smile at that comment, she did miss her hairbrained mother an awful lot.

"So who were you considering telling?" He asked, an eyebrow raised. Copeland averted her eyes.

"I don't know. I don't want to tell anyone, that would force someone into the same godawful situation as me, and that is cruel."

"But we both know you can't possibly do this on your own."

"Thanks for your vote of confidence."

"No problem."

Copeland ran her hands through her thin hair, combing it harshly with her thin fingers, racking her mind with people that would help her. "Harry? Should I tell Harry?"

"No. Definitely not. His future is most likely centrally linked to the war. Having him help you, could be disastrous. Though I'm sure he'd help anyways," Her dad explained.

"Ron is a no as well then too. He's Harry's best friend, practically glued to his side. And if Ron is a no, so are Fred and George. Can't involve one Weasley without involving the others. Neville would piss his pants that is for sure. Lavender isn't serious enough about anything to be trusted with something so important. Hermione would be fantastic if she weren't so afraid of breaking the rules. Seamus would blow everything to hell. I barely just met Cedric Diggory," Copeland rambled before her eyes widened as she had an epiphany.


"What?" Her dad demanded. "That's a terrible idea. He kills you."

"He wouldn't kill me if I told him."

"He kills you."


"He kills you!"

"You are right, that was a terrible idea," Copeland mumbled, scolding herself for being foolish. "This only leaves one person, and I don't want to tell him either. He's got his whole life ahead of him, you know? This would ruin everything."

"Well," Her father started. "If you trust him enough, then you need to tell him. He won't have a life ahead of him if what you saw was at all true. War tends to do that."

Oliver Wood wasn't at the Halloween Feast that night, and neither was Hermione, who was her second choice. Copeland had tried to coax the sobbing girl from her stall in the bathroom, but it hadn't worked. Copeland gave Ronald a generous slap to the back of the head for being such an ass.

"Have you guys seen Oliver at all?" Copeland wondered out loud, sipping from her goblet, Pumpkin Juice making her feel warm and comforted despite her frazzled nerves.

"Looking for your boyfriend?" Seamus joked, and him and Neville laughed. Copeland looked at them unamused until they stopped.

"No, we haven't," Seamus admitted.

"Well, I have. Just a few minutes ago, headed to the Library," Lavender piped up from behind Copeland, squeezing into the seat next to her. Copeland shot a grateful smile to the girl, who looked at her suggestively.

"Can I come?"

"No, Lavender."

Copeland was about to leave when Harry grabbed her arm, looking suspicious.  "You are always leaving and sneaking around these days. Don't think we haven't noticed Fred and George act weird around you. Oliver wouldn't even mention you at practice. What's going on with you?"

Copeland gulped.

"Y-You're just being paranoid. I'm a busy girl, you know? But if you're that worried, if I don't come back in 10 minutes, you can come and find me. Alright?" She offered nervously. Harry nodded, still not looking too convinced. Ron grimaced.

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