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Pen Your Pride

Fandom vs Cannon

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Fandom version: Insane, scary, stupid, can't add 2+2, smart, cares immensely about what others think ESPECIALLY England, oh crap rope I can't break it

Cannon version: Studies archeology, loves science, loud af, doesn't give 2 shits about anyone else or what they think and by anyone I mean ANYONE, Hey England can I have your keys I wanna drive your car but I couldn't find you so I also dragged it up a hill and didn't break a sweat!!

Fandom version: OH MY GOD EVERYONE SUCKS UGH IM BETTER THEN YOU ALL, screw you, salty af, I hate myself, the Revolution destroyed me

Cannon version: Ugh France don't touch me, hey America you asked for this chocolate so here have it, I want friends, this is pretty nice like myself, I like to make fun of the Revolution


Cannon version: Honononononon, sex is something you do with someone you love, love and beauty~!

Fandom version: ITALIA!!!!!!!, don't touch me, your irritating, I hate the allies

Cannon version: ITALIA!!! Fine I'll eat it, ...thanks, err here's cake you can have it

Fandom version: I will shoot you, AHHHH, pasta!!, G-Germany hates me? Better not say anything

Cannon version: GERMANYYYYYYYYYY, PASTAAAAA!!!!, Germany hates me? GERMANY WHY DO YOU HATE ME?!!!

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