♪ Chapter 19

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C H A P T E R  19

"Why are you so happy?" Max asked cautiously, as I approached the table bouncing on the balls of my feet.

"Can't a girl be happy? Jeez." I scoffed, a smile still etched across my face.

"For real," Jessica glanced to Shane in horror, "why is she so... Perky."

"I'm always perky!" I shouted, offended.

"Usually you're just a sarcastic bitch." Cassie corrected, "We love it though, don't worry."

Shane rolled his eyes at everyone for being so eccentric, "She's only giddy because Kelly's making cookies."

I slapped his arm, "No. These are not just 'cookies'. These are the cookies! My cookies! She created these for me! They've got chocolate chips- dark, light and white chips, with syrup to sweeten it and some melted chocolate right in the middle!"

"They do sound nice." Josh muses, smiling at how excited I was.

"Oh they are!" I agreed, nodding eagerly. "I'll let you try one!"

"I want to try one!" Caleb whined.

"You can to-"

I stopped talking when I noticed Keara marching into the dining area looking triumphant. She smirked in my direction causing me to sigh. One day with cookies. That's all I was asking for.

"What's she looking so fucking pleased about?" Jessica grumbled, "God I honestly don't get her. Why does she act like she owns the place?"

We all turned and raised an eyebrow at Jessica pointedly. "Honestly Jess, would have thought you'd know that answer." Melissa drawled as the rest of us snorted with laughter.

"Everyone." The nasally voice that I so dearly hate interrupted us. Grimacing I turned to face her direction. "I wanted to say that I hope we all put our differences behind us and start over."

Shannon's fork fell from her grip and clattered onto the table, her facial expression basically described what we were all thinking.

"Wait, what the fuck?" Max voiced our thoughts.

"Well I have a new boyfriend, and like Jessica over here's new man did... He helped me see how wrong I was."

"So you dumped Marc?" I questioned cautiously, "Good for you."

"I know. This guy's so much better. Much hotter too." She giggled, "But he's deep. He sees through me, sees the real me. Knows when I'm upset even when I'm acting happy. He won't say anything though, he'll just try to make me laugh. And I usually do. He's an asshole too. So cocky, really annoying and cheesy. But he's my asshole."

My heart quickened as I recognised her words. The same words that I had once rehearsed to Jack during a detention we had.

She smirked at me, watching as I put one and one together. "This can't be happening." I whispered, confusing those around me.

"Come here my gorgeous boyfriend." She called, emphasising the title.

I watched as Chase came over, letting her wound her arm around her. His face was neutral as he wrapped his arm around her the same way he would with me. He stared at me, giving nothing away. And I stared too, my face straight, giving nothing back.

"May." Shane whispered, squeezing my arm.

I smiled, my smile stretched into a grin and soon I was laughing. Everyone watched me as I continued to laugh, most of them lost, some sympathetic. "Oh man, okay. Well I'm going to go get my cookies. I'll be back in sec!"

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