New York Cinderella {Book 1}

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This was a short story that I wrote for a writing class a few years ago I found it while going through some older work. Enjoy a new kind of Cinderella.

Once upon a time, in a city of mountainous buildings, there was a plaza, not peaceful nor prosperous but rich all the same. Here in a penthouse lives a girl. Her skin is fair and rich, long golden hair shining like the sun and eyes that sparkle like the sea. She resides with her aunt and her cousins. It was upon her parents untimlydeath that she came to be here. The grand fortune raised by her aunt was thrown about for her own daughters leaving the girl on her own. She did not waver and she dared not to fall, standing tall she did what she could to go on with her life.

It was early morning in the great city of New York. The sky was covered in a sheet of gray. I was sitting in my room, the smallest room in this place, on my bed looking out the window. I have a small desk, a bed, and just as small a closet. The city was wide awake and so was Carol.


That's Carol. A former model and now CEO of Vanity Magazine, she is my guardian. She's tall, too skinny, brown hair and eyes, and always in a bad mood. She's treated me as her maid ever since I walked in the front door. She said it was conpensation for my living here. My mom and dad died in a car accident three years ago and Carol my mom's sister. She was the only one that would take me in.

It's still hard to believe we're still related; her two daughters were just as obnoxious as she was. My sanity was being threatened everyday. Both are about my age but from their mind set and actions you would think they were greedy four years olds. I'll admit they're all crazy. I walked in to the kitchen where Carol was sitting at the counter wearing her pink leopard robe.

"Yes, Carol."

"I need you to stop and pick up my Versaci coat from the dry cleaner; you know the white one?"

With her working at Vanity she buys just about everything in the store but with her attitude she actually had been kicked out of several stores for being rude to the sales people.

"Yeah sure," I'll do just about anything Carol says, the only reason is she's paying for me to go to school plus I'll do anything to get out of the house. We live in New York City, in a penthouse on the top floor of New York Plaza. While living here I've made friends with the staff. Ashton, the butler, Sandy, the maid, and Stan, the door man. I grabbed my coat and made my way down the hall to the elevator. I walked into the lobby and as I walked out the door there was Stan.  

"Good morning Miss Amy," Stan was an older guy. He had gray hair and fading blue eyes. His uniform was a green and black hat, a green jacket with six buttons off to the side, green pants and white gloves.

"Morning Stan."

"Morning chores?"

"Yup better get going, later Stan." I waved him good bye with a smile and he waved back with a smiel of his own. The drycleaners was just a few blocks away, I walked on taking in the day. Today was a little cold; the wind seemed to nip away at my ears. I was wearing a black long sleeve turtle neck, tan pants, and a black trench coat. I made my way in and Maria was sitting behind the desk filing her nails. She had long black hair and brown eyes, wearing a blue shirt.

"Morning Maria," she looked up and gave me a smile like she does everytime I come in.

"Good morning Amy. What can I do for so early in the morning?"

"I need Carol's Versaci jacket."

Maria snorted, "that crazy old bat should come down here herself. She could use the sun. If we're lucky she'll be kidnapped."

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