'Gamma' Part 30

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30th October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

Not Edited.

Sarah's POV...

The moment I saw Jack and Jen's little boy, I knew that my own would have been just like him in both looks and temperament.

Of course I was feeling a little sad about him when my own was no longer with us and I was glad that the three others were sensitive to my emotions about it, not.

"I know that there isn't anything we can say or do that would make you feel any better after losing Ashur and I'm not even going to try." Jen said as she let go of me after trying to pull me into her arms for a much needed hug.

But it wouldn't work with the walker between us.

" What I can do is cry with you if you want and let you have Andy on occassion so you can spoil him sometimes, but not too much. Else he will be living with you until he behaves." Was how Jen spoke to me when she first saw me when she arrived.

I just smiled at her as I watched how the little boy reached out for his poppa who was quick to grab the boy after throwing himself out of his fathers arms and into his poppa's.

Then they were talking about someone called 'gamma' and I have to say i was somewhat shocked when I realised that 'gamma' was actually me.

Reid had explained, no.. stated, that we were getting married as soon as I was ready and he has waited long enough he said and once we were, I had better get use to being Jack's mother figure along with being a grandmother to Jack's son.

I spat the dummy over that and started to slap him somewhat while Jack got up and walked away, leaving to go and get Jen and bring her back to us.

I pushed myself up and off Reid's lap continuing to mutter a few choice words I aimed at him that looked like they went completely over his head, the damn dolt.

Then I stomped my way inside. Well, I tried to stomp my way inside with as much grace as the walker would let me.

I barged through the kitchen into the hall and made my way quick smart to my room where I grabbed the door with one hand and slammed it shut.

Oh all right, it didn't slam. But I gave it a good go as I heard Jess laughing from down in the kitchen.

Brian told me later that my 'stomping' through the house like I did swearing up and down the hall was so funny to Jess that she just had to laugh.

That damn well set me off again.

Brian later also told me that they hadn't seen such energy from me since they came here. Jess said that if they knew that Reid would be the one to set me off, they would have allowed him to come earlier.

' Bish.." I screamed down the hallway knowing that Jess would hear and understand what i was saying about her.

She just laughed out loud again when she heard me call her a bitch.

I spent the next hour in my room calming down.

Reid is an arse. He really is. Why on earth would he want to marry someone like me  with my disabilities I have no idea. Damn it, there are still days where I can't even wipe the crap off my arse and he want to marry me? He's an arse. He really is.

So I pretended to ignore what he said earlier and just enjoy his visit. He did after all, bring me that little photo album that so much love went into the making of it. I loved them both for that.

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