Chapter Twenty-Seven

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[Chapter Twenty-Seven]

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[Chapter Twenty-Seven]

Making his way to the Hospital Wing after class one afternoon, Ringo found himself grumbling about having to make his way there so he could "talk about his feelings" with Elizabeth. It was honestly the last thing he wanted to discuss with the woman. He was sure that she knew a good amount of his story considering that she was good friends with Vivian, but Ringo didn't want to disclose anything else to her. As beautiful as she was, he didn't like the idea of her looking at him in a bad light. Nor did he see the point in the designated times to go and visit her because there were some days where he wasn't feeling terrible, that day being one of them. He wouldn't go far to call it a good day, but he wasn't feeling angry or upset as he usually did.

Since the incident with Helen, Ringo found himself in better spirits, especially with the idea that someone had come to his defence. Apparently, Tonks and Charlie had planned the entire matter but it was left on Tonks to execute the plan since she was the only one capable of transfiguring her appearance at will. He could only imagine that it was a tricky process to master and pretending to be Professor McGonagall could have certainly gotten her in a great deal of trouble if she had been discovered. But she had gone through the trouble for him and that seemed to earn Tonks a special place in Ringo's company.

He had actually taken to greeting her first some days when they met up in the Common Room. Of course, it was nothing out of the way, a simple hello or something along those lines. But that was more than enough for Tonks, she couldn't deny how happy it made her see him putting in the effort to interact on his own. Not only that, but Ringo was attempting to be a bit more friendly with others, not scowling in their direction of scoffing at things they said. That was a massive step for the boy as he took on the vow of if he didn't have anything nice to say that he wouldn't say anything at all.

His slight change in demeanour didn't go unnoticed by his classmates either, as others were picking up on the idea that maybe Ringo wasn't the monster that he made himself out to be or as others did, like Helen.

 They weren't hesitating to sit next to him in class and some of them were actually attempting to strike up a conversation with the boy. He didn't respond always, and there were many days where it seemed like he couldn't be bothered with any sort of human interaction. But Tonks liked to believe that every second that someone showed him some attention and compassion, that it counted for something.

Entering the Hospital Wing, Ringo was slightly puzzled by the appearance of Elizabeth's son, Zakari, being there as well. The little boy was sitting in front of one of the window's reading while it seemed Elizabeth was patiently waiting for him to show.

"What is he doing here?" Ringo asked pointing in the direction of Zakari while keeping his eyes focused on the woman. It was highly unfair the effect she had on him with just her appearance alone. The way she smiled and the way she looked so effortlessly beautiful was highly distracting to him.

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