"They have been sleeping like angels," Hades said. "We are free to spend the next hour in whatever manner we choose." He held up two glasses of red wine. He had opted for the Wedgwood.

"It sounds like you have made up your mind how you would like to spend it."

As Lexi strolled across the room, Hades rose, handing her a glass, his eyes blazing like the orange flames that flickered nearby.

"I am taking my cues from you, my sweet," he said. "Did you think I had not noticed you eyeing me seductively at dinner? I was hard through the entire meal."

"How about now?" Lexi slid her hand between the hem of his silky robe, receiving the answer to her question.

"You need only speak my name to spark my desire."

Lexi brought her mouth to Hades' ear, returning his seductive banter with some of her own. "And if I whisper your name... What will that spark... Hades?" She felt him lengthen between her fingers, followed by a surge of warmth. "I have been given a clean bill of health, although I could not have waited another day regardless of Hecate's sage wisdom. I need to feel you inside me."

She took a sip of wine then pressed a kiss to his mouth, letting him taste her, and he slipped his arm around her waist, tugging her close as his tongue teased her lips. Every moment Lexi spent in Hades' possessive embrace, she felt her vitality strengthen, and when his hand dipped lower to caress her thigh, her body clenched with sweet need.

"There are many things we can do to please each other," he whispered. "Are you sure you feel ready?"

"There is only one way to find out."

At these words, Hades released her, taking possession of her wine glass and setting it next to his on the table. Firelight danced off his tousled hair where it fell over his forehead, and Lexi indulged in his purity and elegance, which came in the form of superbly honed facial features and dazzling eyes. And he had pledged his heart to her and only her.

Serenaded by the gentle whoosh of the flames as they swayed inside the fireplace, Hades untied the front of Lexi's dress, his eyes never leaving her face. She had learned to hold his gaze extremely well, and true to form, Hades graced her with poetry.

"There is nowhere I would rather be than swimming in the depths of your eyes."

His fingers moved to her shoulders, and he slowly tugged at her sleeves, exposing the mark she had received from Gaia. Hades placed a kiss on it before trailing more of them across her chest. She felt her nipples harden, and suddenly they were leaking into her bra, but she didn't care. She was happy to share with Hades, especially when he made her feel like she did now.

"You never cease to thrill me, Hades. Even before you touch me."

"I am happy to know I am not the only one," he said as he continued to devour her with kisses.

Lexi slid her fingers through the tie in his robe, helping him shrug out of it. As the silk pooled at his feet, Lexi ran her hands up his arms, reveling in his perfect anatomy, including the prominence of his manhood. A moment later, her dress was falling to the floor, and Hades' fingers brushed the curve of her exposed pelvis, eliciting another delicious ache. Tenderly, he brushed the pad of his thumb over her panties, stimulating the sensitive flesh beneath it and drawing a moan from her throat. She moved against his hand, hungry for that exquisite feeling. It was more than physical. It was the feeling of being pleasured at the hands of this amazing god.

With the swiftness of a thoroughbred, Hades swept her off her feet and carried her to their bed. She only glanced a moment at the cribs, sending up a silent plea for privacy, before she lost herself in Hades eyes again. He had pulled the bed covers down and was assuming a commanding position above her, caging her in with his muscular arms while his lips played with a smile.

"The sun pales against your beauty and the moon reflects your radiance," he whispered at her lips before kissing them.

And just like that, Lexi was lost to him, lifting her body to feel his erection at her thigh. He followed her back down, pressing himself between her legs and grinding with gentle restraint.

"Remember our first night in the palace?" he said as he brought his mouth to her ear. "Remember how I made you come?"

"Which time?"

She felt him grin at her cheek as he dropped a kiss onto it. "After dinner, on the dome room chaise... before we removed our clothing."

Lexi quivered at the memory of the night they christened the dome room chaise. "Yes, I do remember that one."

"I would like to recreate that for you, if you will permit me."

"You're nearly there."

Lexi's response had Hades increasing the strength behind his thrusts, making her sex clench, and she played with the feeling as he buried his face in her hair, rasping at her neck.

"You unravel me, Lexi. I have been at your mercy from the moment we met."

Like the strings of a violin, his words serenaded her toward climax, and she gripped his hips as they powered into her, triggering an explosive release. Hades didn't let up until she was completely sated, proving he was right once again. There were many things he could do to please her. Lexi's center continued to throb as he slowed his momentum, and he nudged one of her hands lower.

"Take me with you." His words came out throaty and desperate, like he was doing all he could to maintain control.

Lexi took him in her hands and stroked his thick length, using the slickness on the crown to enhance the friction. He was looking at her again, and the expression in his eyes made her dizzy with lust. A moment later, his eyes were squeezing shut, and he breathed her name in a groan as he spilled his warmth onto her stomach. Lexi watched Hades' face flush as he lost himself, and the rest of the world became nothing more than background noise.

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