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I've noticed how times are changing
More people are sad
And I am too
So I have another message for you guys:
Just keep swimming

It's a phrase that's been an important thing in my life because my cousin, Becca, pretty much lived by it. She adored Finding Nemo, and when she got Battens Disease, she had to keep pushing, keep swimming, her way through life.
Unfortunately, she passed away in April 2015.

Just keep swimming, we told her
Just keep fighting
She fought for her life... But sadly, She lost her battle after 11 years at the age of 15.

People like her cannot control what happens to them, people like all of us.
People are born and die everyday. It's the way of life. We have to accept that. I understand it may break you, but you just have to keep moving on.
Because if I lose you because you aren't happy now, I can never change that.
Remember, you only live once. If you're not happy now and you decide to end your life in misery, you'll never know what happens in the end.
Maybe you find a passion that keeps you moving
Maybe you find a partner who loves you for you
You never know, and you won't if you want to end it here.

Just keep swimming.
Because at the end of a storm, there's always a rainbow.

I love you.
Just keep swimming.
Stay strong ❤️

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