Save our ship (2)

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Maddison POV
I walked into the cafe that I now attended regularly called The Surf Spot. I had escaped back to Earth after leaving the feast where Dark Specter gave the news about Zordon. I had been on Earth for three weeks before I learned the whereabouts of the feast and had raced to attend. I had at least been on Earth long enough for Adele , the owner of the cafe, to call me a regular. I had just ordered some fries and a coke and was thinking about the events of the feast. Mostly about the Red Ranger. I sighed. If only I had known. I was sure that we were both on the same mission. To save zordon. As I sipped my drink I thought about when I was a young child playing in the forests of my home on KO-35. I thought about the day I disappeared.

* * *

One day I was bored and I was supposed to meet my two best friends to play in the field as always but they never turned up. Instead I went down to the river to play. It had been raining heavily and as I was so young I did not realize the dangers. I also didn't understand how fast the river was flowing and how high it was. I took off my shoes and started paddling when suddenly I felt water wrap around my ankles and I slipped sideways. I struggled to stand back up and ending up being pulled into the middle of the river. I twisted and waved my arms and legs trying to stay afloat but I started swallowing water and my head ducked under. I closed my eyes as I heard my heartbeat thumping in my head.
When it felt like hours had passed I suddenly stopped moving. Something solid was blocking me. I managed to lift my head up and as I opened my eyes I realized that it was a branch. I gripped onto it and the person on the end holding it pulled me onto the shore. I gasped as my lungs opened up and air filled them.
"T-thank you!" I gasped to the stranger. Looking up I realized that they were in a lab coat and had glasses on their face but a friendly expression.
"Hey there sweetheart. My name's Zander. Are you okay?" He asked.
I nodded in reply .
"Where are your parents?" He asked and I started crying as I realized I couldn't remember them. I explained it to him and he crouched down and gave me a hug.
"I'll look after you ok." He said taking off his lab coat and then his jumper. He placed the jumper over my head and I felt welcomed by it's warmth. I accepted the hand of the kind man who I accepted as my father.

* * *

I sighed and lifted my head from gazing at the table. It turned out that Zander was a scientist who worked for Zordon. He and his team were working on the power rangers project, creating morphers and such. I made it my goal when I was older to be a power ranger. I thought back to when I first talked to Zander about it.

* * *

"Zander?" I asked from behind him. He was working at his desk and I was bringing him some food. I had been with him for many years and he treated me as his own child. I thought of him as my own father although he insisted that I had a real one somewhere. I had tried to remember my parents but every time I failed. I had remembered my two best friends. The ones I was supposed to meet on that day and I longed to be with them again, laughing and playing. But I had grown up. I was now a young adult and ready to go out into the world. That was what I wanted to talk to Zander about.
"Yes Maddi?" He asked politely, turning round and looking at me through his glasses. His hazel eyes sparkled as he hid the item he was working on behind his back.
"Zander...?" I asked curiously. "What are you doing?"
"Wait one moment!" He said before spinning back around in his chair, tinkering with the item and then turning back around to face me.
"Voila!" He cheered presenting me with a
I stared at him, disbelief written on my face. "No way?!"
"Yes way!" He said chuckling. "It's about time you go out and see the world. And save some lifes while you're at it!" I laughed as I ran in to his arms and hugged him. I then raced to my room and readied myself. I then raced back to Zander.
"How am going to travel?" I asked, suspicion etched onto my features. He laughed before showing me his computer screen.
"This is yours."
* * *
I smiled fondly as I remembered Zander. I went back to KO-35 a few years after I had left it but everyone had gone. Including Zander. I looked down at the last gift he gave me before sighing and standing up. I left some money on the table. £30 should have been enough for the chips. I then walked away, keeping my head down and covering my face with my hair. I was deep in thought when suddenly a young girl, dressed in yellow pushed past me.
"Oh I'm sos orry!" She said, turning round to steady me as I felt myself falling. I looked up and smiled at the friendly girl.
"That's okay." I said with a smile as she rushed over to her four friends.

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