18 - Caden

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Shit shit shit shit shit. There were more then we thought and Grace is in trouble. The thought runs through my mind as I race quietly behind the Ragers, their focus on Grace as they ignore me.

She was sticking to the plan but I could taste the fear on her as I run behind all of them, waiting for us to pass a trap.

Time was ticking and I watch as Grace swerves to the left, a trap was to the right and I smile as I rush up beside a wolf, pushing him and the one beside him into the trap just around the spot Grace turned.

The two disappear with a yelp and I look down to see a twelve foot deep pit with two slightly wounded wolves at the bottom.

With a grin I rush towards the chase once again.

Two down four to go.

The chase went through the forest again, Grace leading them in a circle as she jumped over trees and I watched in amazement at her speed and, mind the irony, grace.

We zoomed along a path sticking to the plan as the Ragers split into two groups,  two of them disappearing only to return infront of our path, Grace beig forced to stop as four wolves surrounded her.

Shit, I need to help her. I think, looking around. We weren't close to any traps that we knew of and I had to act fast in order to help my friend.

Frantically I looked around the forest for anything I could use to destract the Ragers when the sound of bones cracking from a shift catches my attention and a man stands infront of Grace, her silver fur standing up as she stands defiantly with a threatening growl.

"Our Alpha will love you." The man states with a sneer as he reaches his hand out to touchher fur, only to snatch it back when Grace tries to grab it, the smell of blood reaching me from my spot and I knew her teeth had connected to its designated target.

Thats my Grace. I think, about to step forward to help her when I realize what I had thought. She wasn't my Grace and  I shouldn't be thinking like that. But I wanted to.

With that realization I surge forward and tackle a wolf out of the way and, to my surpise, into another pit.

"What do we have here, a lone wolf trying to be a hero." The Rager states excitedly as the remaining three stare at me with blood thirsty eyes.

This was not sticking to the plan.

Grace slowly backs up so that we were side by side, both of us facing the opposite direction and guarding eachother's backs as we growl at the three. Two in wolf form and one in human, this should be easy.

With out warning the two in wolf form pounce, seaming to want to take us both down at the same time but as I go to pounce something sharp hits my side and I realize that the one in human form had some how pulled a dart gun from some where as Grace was pinned to the ground.

"You think us Ragers are stupid. Really pack pups are so pampered." The wolf states and I growl weakly as I hear Grace yelp.

"Don't worry mutt, the shewolf wont be claimed by us yet, our Alpha wants her. He has always wanted her for years but couldn't come to the run." He sighs dramtically before stretching nonchalantly.

"You see if he is going to get pack lands for us he had to attend the meeting. And with all these shewolve as our breeders now the pack will be strong with a female like her to rule. Enjoy the nap Goldie Locks and thanks for the girl." His evil laugh fills my ears as I stager towards the three, Grace's limp body on the back of one of the wolves as the Rager places the dart gun in a hollow that was hidden on the oak tree.

Before I collaps from the drug and the wolrd fades to black nothingness I watch as the wolf shifts and they take off with Grace.

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