Chapter 1- We're Grown Ups Now

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     Because without you, I wouldn't know the true meaning of heartache. I wouldn't know what it's like to watch the man you love rip your world apart. I wouldn't know how a heart breaks as you watch the other half of your soul walk away from you. I wouldn't know how many tears my eyes would shed until truly exhausting themselves.


     I stare blankly at the papers in front of me, my mind drifting to a different place and a different time, perhaps a different person as well. Memories flit through my head, flashes of a smile I haven't seen in a while, at least one that hasn't been directed at me. How did things get this far?

     "Khloe, are you even listening to me?" My head snaps up and my eyes connect with a pair of brown ones that sit directly across from me. Ruby looks at me expectantly, her brown hair falling over her shoulders and her pretty pink lips pursed to the side. I shake my head to disperse my thoughts before waving my hand dismissively.

     "Sorry, what were you saying?" I straighten up in my chair before letting my eyes fall on the designs in front of me. The whole building has been buzzing with excitement and anticipation as they wait for me to reveal this year's Fall collection. It's been six years since I graduated high school, four since I graduated college with a double major in fashion merchandising and design, and two years since I finally took head position of my late mother's company. It was also around that time that the world I'd come to know began to crumble around me.


     "I was reminding you that we have to ensure that all of the designs for the Fall collection are chosen today. We need to begin marketing and send them to production," Ruby replies. She fulfilled her dreams of going to fashion school and is now my right hand woman at Mason Fashion. I nod along as I arrange the fashion catalog for the collection, debating over two designs. Both of them done by Ruby, who is one of my top designers.

     "I can't choose between these two so I'll just extend the collection. Since I chose most of your designs I want you to name the collection, and I want you to be the face for it too." Once upon a time, Ruby would have jumped up and down with glee but it seems life has matured some of us. Well, I'd expect it from her, ever since she got married and settled down she seems to carry an ethereal glow with her. True happiness shines in her brown eyes at the news, the kind of happiness she experiences when someone calls her by her new name.

     Ruby Moreno, the very beautiful and proud wife of my good friend, Lucas Moreno. That nice rock that sits on her finger accompanied by her wedding band isn't just for decorative purposes. They had their ups and downs, but finally tied the knot last year.

     "Thank you, Khloe." I beam at her before glancing at the clock on the wall, muttering a curse under my breath I begin to gather my things. "Ah, you forgot it was your turn to pick up your daughter this time," amusement coats Ruby's voice.

     "I didn't forget, I just thought I had enough time," I groan. "The last time I arrived late Lucy glared at me like there was no tomorrow. You'd be surprised at the things she picks up from her dad." I shake my head, grab my bags and straighten my skirt before crossing over to the door.

     "Speaking of which, how is Drew doing?" I can feel the change in air as my body freezes at the mention of Lucy's father. I swallow the lump that seems to have settled on my throat before responding.

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