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How To Start A Story

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This can be difficult, because there are so many ways to start a story. Really, there isn’t a necessary need to write a chapter on how to start a story. But, let me give you a few ideas:


A Question: A question can draw the reader into the story. But remember; don’t ask a stupid question like:

“Have you ever wondered why cats always land on their feet?”

If you really wanted, and if it really related to the story, it is alright, but try and write something like:

“Whoever said love was easy?”

There! That’s good. Then, you’ll have to answer your question sometime in the story, whether it is in the next sentence or the last sentence in your story.


Go Straight Into Action: Action can be a very cool way to start a story. You could do anything, really. It could be an action such as:

“I walked into the post office.”

Or something like:

“A gun fired and I ducked.”


Description: I start most of my stories with descriptions. It could start off with something as simple as:

“It was cold out today”

Or something as detailed as:

“It was a dark, gloomy day. The rain pounded on the roof like bullets.”

I really like descriptions in general. Whether it is for the beginning or just in general, I like all of them! So, I would say descriptions are one of the best ways to start a story.


Time: Time can be a perfect place to start a story. You could say something like

“The clock struck 12.”

Or something like

“It was the week of my birthday.”


Flashback: Flashbacks are very tricky; if you don’t use them properly, it could be confusing to the reader. You have to make sure if you start your story off with a flashback or a dream, you have to be very careful to make sure it is clear when the dream of flashback starts and stops.

Remember, there are no wrong reasons to start a story; there are just good and bad.

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