Trying to be cool

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Iggy: *dressed in what he THINKS is the new 'hip' style*

Spain: *dressed in hipster clothes*

France: *in a bunch of leather*

China: *wearing a 'IM SO COOL YO' t-shirt*

Iggy: Hey guys are we cool now?

China: Yeah aru, can we hang with the cool kids now?

America: *spits out drink and starts coughing*

Canada: Holy maple papa put something else on!!

Japan: ...........

Mexico: ?!

France: Honononononon let's go hitch some ladies~

Canada: Papa please-


Mexico: *books it* AYA COME ON GRINGOS LETS GO!!!!

America: *running away*

Canada: *being dragged by America* Ow-maple that hurts!! Alfred stop dragging m-ow!!

Japan: I'm not white but I wirr stirr run for my damn rife *running like Italy*

Spain, China, Iggy, and France: HAHAHA

Iggy: We get the room to ourselves!!

Spain: We should do this more often!!

China: Indeed aru!

France: I wasn't kidding about the ladies.

Spain, China, and Iggy: ........

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