Chapter 6 - Past Lives

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Chapter 6

Past Lives

"Oh god how long?"

All of us looked to Bonnie with a smile. "Literally now."

We all dropped from the sky slowly. We'd been flying for over two hours to the outskirts of the salt dessert. The town had disappeared a mile back but we were flying over a few mountains. Now it was flat ground. Bonnie was getting tired. I could see Cameron was as well. Kim and Jack also looked tired. As they dropped I hovered slightly to get a look around. Nothing but dead land. The skies were empty of angels too. 

I dropped next to Bonnie and sighed. I didn't want to retract my wings just yet. "Are we walking now?"
"There's a tree close to here. I saw it a moment ago. We can rest there for the night."

Bonnie shuddered slightly so I wrapped my arms around her shoulders as well as my wings and heated myself up. "I'm fine, Lon."

"You're cold."

"So is everyone else here."

I glanced at the rest of them as we walked.Jackson had his arms around Kimberly and Cameron was in the middle of putting his backpack on his back after retracting his wings into his back. I could barely see his shudders but it was enough.

"I didn't know it'd be this cold." I shouted to Jackson who was a little in front. "Near this tree, are there other scraps of wood?"

Jack turned around. "I saw a large log, I assume so."

We'd been walking for what seemed like ages. The first moon rose. It was large; almost red. It lit the way which was helpful. Bonnie was shuddering horribly now. And so was Cameron. He was a fair distance away and I felt bad. He was the only one without someone.

I pushed back the sympathy. But then it resurfaced.

I shuffled closer to Cameron and slowly, cautiously, grabbed his wrist. I tugged him slightly closer and let him inside the cocoon of warmth letting my wings circle around us as I heated myself up a little more.

"Thank you." He said.

I nodded my head without looking at him and sighed. "Jackson. Bonnie is going to freeze, are we almost there?"

"Yes," His voice was shuddering. "The tree is there."

I let go of Bonnie and stepped away from both of them. I let the fire inside me consume my hands, and out the large log alight.

They all ran to the flame and say beside it with a sigh. I on the other hand, threw my bag beside everyone and flew upwards to let my mind relax. I looked around. Nothing. No life. Well, I could feel a few demons around but I couldn't see it. I swam around in the air above as everyone settled. My wings fluttered around me and I sighed. I glided on my back as I thought about the last two days. How things had changed so quickly. How Cameron was back into my life. How Kimberly was back but in a completely different form. 

I hovered briefly before rocketing further up. I shut my eyes and tried to see if I could feel Gabriel. Not even a buzz. Not a bell. Nothing. I wiped a fallen tear off my cheek and went further up just to glide easily back down. I let myself stay in the air until the second moon rose. This one a creamy white. I knew I'd been up here for too long.

I went back to the dimming fire and found everyone asleep by the log that had grown smaller. Kim and Jackson were bundled under one blanket. I turned to Bonnie who had two blankets and Cameron who had none.

I tilted my head toward him. He was curled into a ball right beside the flames. I glanced at Bonnie again and then back at him. He gave her his blanket. 

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