#8. Can't Be Torn Apart

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"You...you know?" Kat stammered

Mona nodded, "Yeah, that's the first thing he told me back when we met when we were in Cape Town"

"Wait" Kat stuck a finger out at her, "You met him? When? Wait, was it back at the club? Nuh, it can't be then, cause we had to drag you out the club" Kat kept babbling on, answering her own questions

"Ait, ait, shut the fuck up" Mona yelled at Kat again, "Firstly, remember that day when I left and y'all didn't know where I was at?" Kat nodded, finally shutting the fuck up

"Well, I kinda, accidentally met Brian. We sat down and talked for a few hours, and that's kinda why I came home late" she shrugged

"Secondly, we met again today, again by accident, when I was out shopping. We exchanged numbers, he came over, we went to the paintball park, which was fun by the way, then we went to the grocery store, and now he's cooking us dinner" she explained, like everything that she had just said wasn't weird at all

Kat stood up again, taking a deep breath in, "Okay" she breathed out, "I hear all that, but I don't get why he's here if y'all only met twice babe" she said, her back facing Mona

Mona sighed. She knew that it would be hard to explain things between her and Brian. Most people wouldn't get it, but then again, this thing wasn't something that most people would go through

Kat turned to look at Mona. She leaned against the wall, and folded her arms, "Babe, if you know just how dangerous he is, then why associate yourself with him?" She seriously wanted to know, maybe even understand

"Cause I know he won't let anything, or anyone, harm me" she admitted honestly

"How you know that Mo? Huh?" She yelled, making Mona drop her gaze to her lap, "How you gonna trust someone that you've only been around twice?" She stressed

"Cause I feel it inside of me!" Mona stood up, yelling back at Kat. Kat was so surprised that Mona rose her voice at her again, that she reared her head back at her. It wasn't something she ever did to her friends, so it was kinda surprising

"I feel it whenever he's around me" she closed her eyes, sighing, "I just feel it, okay. I can't explain it, I just do" she said softly

She sat back down, tired of arguing with Kat. She never liked to yell, or scream at anybody in her life. She was the one who'd rather talk calmly, then scream and shout at others

"It's like...we fit, you know. Like, he's mine. Is meant for me, and nobody else" she looked back up at Kat, "I know it sounds weird, but that's exactly how I feel it's like...like we're in tune, whether we've met twice or not" a tear fell from her eye, "It's confusing as fuck, but it's euphoria Kat, and I know he feels it too" she admitted, confusing the hell out of herself and Kat as well


Even though Brian wasn't in the room with the girls, he knew that their discussion was about him. To most, this weird relationship was something that you only heard of in movies, but here he was, in the same kinda weirdness

He felt a pang in his heart. He didn't know where it came from, but he needed to figure out what the hell was causing these weird ass feelings

He tried rubbing his chest, but the pain continued

Man Bri, what's going on with you bruh? He thought

The yelling coming from the lounge had him looking at the kitchen doorway, debating on whether he should go check up on Mona or if he should let the girls deal with whatever issue they were arguing about on their own

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