#8. Can't Be Torn Apart

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Brian could've cared less about the female that was standing by the entrance of the kitchen, he had shit to deal with. Like the food he needed to prepare

Mona on the other hand seemed a little surprised to see her friend here, but then again she had promised to get back to her once she got home, but got distracted with thoughts of Brian, that she completely forgot to do as she promised

Mona's snapped her fingers in Kat's face, seeing as she was in some weird trance, tryna get her attention, "O batla ke go introduce?" She asked
(Do you want me to introduce you?)

Kat shook her head, closing her eyes for a beat, then opening them again, to look at Mona, "Uhm..." she said awkwardly, shifting her eyes to Brian, who was busy sautéing onions that he had chopped earlier

Mona shifted her head, so that her face was in Kat's view, "Keng?" She said, frustrated at Kat

Kat looked at Mona, trying to find the right words to say. She cocked her head to the side, trying to see past Mona again

"Uhm choma(friend)...what's he doing here?" Kat gestured to Brian, who was still not paying any attention to the girls

Mona looked back at Brian, a smile creeping on her face. Brian felt her eyes on him, so he looked up, and winked at her. She grabbed Kat by the hand, walking them both towards Brian

"Babe" she cocked her head to the side, looking ever the pixie that Brian adored, "this is my friend Kat" she gestured to her friend, who smiled timidly at Brian

"And Kat, this is Brian" she looked from Kat to Brian. The look on Kat's face said it all, she didn't seem to like Brian being here, and Mona knew that there was only one reason for her reservations towards Brian, which also meant that she knew what Brian did for a living

"Hi" Brian nodded curtly, whilst Kat kept her eyes on him

"Can I talk to you?" Kat finally turned to look at Mona

Mona looked at Brian, her eyes telling him everything she wanted to say. Apologetic was the first, but the most prominent was reservation

Mona didn't want Kat talking bad about Brian. She already knew what he did for a living, and it didn't phase her. If that's his way of getting money, then who was she to judge

She walked out of the kitchen, with Kat walking in front of her. Once they were in the lounge, which was more than an earshot away from Brian, she sat down on one of the couches

Kat cleared her throat, "What's he doing here? Do you know who he is?" She stammered, standing up from her seat to pace back and forth, "Yho Jesu(oh my God), you just got yourself in a shit-load of trouble. Yho...yho...yho" she said worryingly
(Oh my...oh my...oh my)

Mona looked on, as her friend kept pacing back and forth, waiting for her to calm down. Either that, or she was gonna slap the shit out of her

"Will you calm the fuck down, and sit the fuck down?" she snapped at Kat, after a few minutes of watching her pace back and forth

Kat, startled by Mona snapping at her, finally sat down next to her friend, "Now to answer your questions" she looked at Kat

"Yes, I know who he is. I know what he does, and neither do I care about all that" Mona's confession shocked the hell out of Kat. She reared back, a scowl on her face, as she tried to figure out if she was fucking with her or not. But clearly she was serious as hell

Mona frowned at the look Kat was giving her, "What?" She waited for Kat to answer, but she didn't, too shocked to utter a word, "What?" She asked again

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