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"Sit down, i'll be right back. Do you want something to drink?" Yoongi pointed at his couch and left the room.
"Uhm no - I just want the skirt" Jimin said quietly, looking around. It was a small apartment with light furniture and dark parquet flooring.
Yoongi came back with two glasses filled with water and the skirt hung over his shoulder. He raised an eyebrow at Jimin.
"Take a seat , I won't bite"

Jimin chewed the inside of his cheek and sat down, his whole body stiff.
Yoongi handed him his glass and sat down across from him.
Jimins face was still red, he was sweating in general. It was warm up here.
"How's your back?" Yoongi asked.

"It's healing" Jimin responded quietly, his hands were clenched around his glass, like his life depends on it.

Yoongi placed the skirt in front of Jimin. The fabric was crumpled, but smelled fresh it was definitely clean.

"I need to iron it-" Jimin said carefully. He was really thankful for Yoongis help, but he wasn't sure why he was helping him without asking for reward.

"Oh yeah sure, the flat iron and ironing board is in my bedroom" Yoongi took a sip of his water and placed the glass on the floor next to the couch.
"I'll show you"
He stood up, smiling slightly at Jimin, gesturing him to follow him.
Jimin  hesitated, but followed the man eventually.
His bed room was smaller than the living room, stuffed with boxes. His bed was messy and clothes were laying on the floor.
Yoongi scratched the back of his neck and started picking up his clothes. His face was hot and he regretted his spontaneous idea to bring Jimin into his bedroom. He's an adult after all, but his room looked like one of a teenager.
"I'm sorry" he mumbled.
Jimin just shook his head and started helping him, without a second thought.
"You don't have-"
"You helped me with the skirt so let me at least help you with this, I don't want to feel like I owe you something"

Yoongi bit his bottom lip, not sure how to respond to this.
Jimin gave him the clothes he picked up , accidentally brushing Yoongis hands.
He jerked back , rubbing his fingers nervously.
Yoongi just looked at him, confused. Jimins reaction was odd. It looked like the split second of physical contact hurt him.
"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine" Jimin said, avoiding Yoongis worried gaze.

Yoongi crawled onto his bed while he watched Jimin ironing the skirt.
Jimin was still wearing his schools uniform, so the clothes were not really tight and revealing. But Yoongi could tell that he had a pretty round butt and thick thighs. He licked his lips and smirked. Jimin was aware of Yoongis staring and shifted his weight from one foot to the other, focused on the hot object in his hands.
Yoongi was trapped in his thoughts about Jimin. He was interesting. Well he was innocent and shy but Yoongi thought there's was something about him, right after he first time he saw him. Their first meeting was so odd. But special and Yoongi couldn't forget about him since then.

"Can I ask you something?" Yoongi said still absorbing every curve of Jimins body the clothes could reveal.
He put away the iron a few moments ago and was now folding the skirt and packing it into his backpack.

Jimin closed his eyes for a second. He loved the mans voice. He could listen to its deep and soothing sound all day.
"Depends" Jimin responded.

"Do you still want your own doll?"

Jimin turned around, his eyes wide open.

"I could make you one"

"I've no money"

"You don't have to pay-"

"Why are you doing this?! Helping me with the skirt problem and now offering me to make a doll for free? Are you planning something? What is in for you?"

"Nothing I just-"

"I don't know you!"

Yoongi stood up from the bed and walked towards Jimin.
"Listen, I totally get you. You want to break out, out of these typical gender roles. And I want to help you, because I know how hard it is when everybody is against it-"

"No it's not about gender roles" Jimin said.

"Well I don't care, You're a really nice boy Jimin and I want to help you!"

Jimin turned around again, thinking about it. Maybe he should just trust him. He has nothing to loose after all....

"So you want to make me a doll..." he said quietly after a while.

Yoongi hide his wide smile and ran his hand through his hair.
"Yeah, but I want you to help me with it, so it'll be your doll."

"What do you mean? I don't know how to build a doll"

"I'll show you and don't worry I'll do most of the work but I want you to be here everytime I work on that doll, I want you to watch"

"Why?" Jimin raised his eyebrows.

"Because I noticed that Jin makes the dolls and dresses all by himself"

"The dresses are made by the girls"

"That's what you think. They only come here to be with him and they don't care about the ceremony, they don't care about the dolls at all. It's Jin hard work most of the time"

"So you want us to do the doll... traditionally?"

"Kinda, yeah"

Jimin smiled.
"Okay, I'll be here and make my own doll with you."

"Tomorrow, same time?"

"Maybe an hour later?"

"Doesn't matter, I'm here all the time."

Jimin giggled.
"Yeah you live here. Where else would you go"

Yoongi suddenly touched the boys cheek.
"Can you promise me something?"

Jimin gulped and stared at him, his cheek prickling from his touch.


"Don't be ashamed of who you are and what you do, if you want to wear a skirt you can do it here, okay?"

Jimins face heat up and he nodded slightly, chewing his bottom lip.

"Okay, well see you tomorrow then?"

Yoongi watched Jimin walk down the street and couldn't hide his wide smile.
After Jimin turned around a corner he decided to go back into the basement and sort out the dolls he wouldn't need anymore and store the ones he might need into boxes he still had from his relocation.
Jin allowed him to turn the basement into his own crafting room, since Jin needed his own in the shop and Yoongi didn't want his apartment to smell like varnish , clay and paint.

It would be also easier to bake the clay since the oven was in a room next to Jins crafting room.

It took him a few hours to clean the basement and bring the boxes with dolls upstairs so he could sort them later. Jin helped him to bring the large desk from his apartment to the basement and adjusted the lights.
It was past midnight when Jin left the shop to go home to his son and wife. Yoongi opened all the small windows in the basement so there was fresh air, then he went upstairs aswell. He needed sleep for tomorrow.

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