What A Surprise Part 29

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29th October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

Not Edited.

Sarah's POV...

Finding myself unexpectedly sitting on Reids lap was a shock.

Seeing both him and Jack was a shock. A big one. I wanted to get up and run for the hills, but I couldn't. And even if I did, it would just be a stupid thing to do. I lived in the hills anyway.

I was still feeling very self conscious with how I looked and acted because of this damn ABI that I have to live with for the rest of my life. That and the scars on my face from one of the belt welts.

I thought at one point that I would eventually get to the stage that Brian is in at the moment. But the doctors and therapists have all said that I wouldn't. My injuries were too complex.

Where I am now is just about where I will be in ten or twenty years from now.

This was it and I was pissed.

And now Reid and Jack are here smiling at me when I didn't think they even knew where I lived. That made me think that they had to be told of my location and the only ones to tell were the Kingsley's.

So just wait till that couple show their faces again over here. If I could give them a tongue lashing, I certainly would. But all that would come out would be garble.

But as it was, I couldn't even do that. All I could do was give them all the evil stink eye letting them all know how upset I was at the moment.

I was about to tell the two men to eff off again when a sudden yawn overcame me. Not very elegant of me was it? No, not at all. But they just sat there waiting for me to compose myself, something that was hard to do when I was perched on Reids lap as I was.

"Jen is in town waiting for us to call her. I'll go back in and get her and bring her out to see you later." Jack was saying with a smile.

Jen? I had to think hard to remember who she was and once I did, I remembered my friend. She kept giving Jack the eye, or the once over or whatever they call it. I think she liked him.

"We have something for you. We were coming to the hospital that last day to give it to you, but you had already been moved. But here it is." Reid said as he accepted a parcel from Jack that was loosely wrapped in white tissue paper and wrapped with a ribbon to tie it.

Then he passed it to me.

I just looked down at it wondering what it was. I can't remember ever getting a present from anyone except Mrs Beemer and a few from my grandpa before he died. What ever it was, it was squarish and not too thick. But not fat either.

I lifted my hand to pull at the ribbon very  carefully while holding the small packet in my other hand.

I couldn't quite get the ribbon off and Reid lifted his hand and helped loosen it up so I could pull it off completely.

My hand was beginning to shake a bit as I tried to hold the ribbon and move it aside, but Jack quickly came to my rescue and lightly took the silver ribbon from me and held it in his hand for me.

I noticed that his knee was bouncing a little which reminded me of something.

I stared at his knee for a moment or two watching as he bounced it. Then he sat back and crossed one of his ankles across the other knee. I remember that he does that when he is nervous or something.

So Jack is nervous about something and seeing that his eyes are fixed on the packet in my lap, I guess that he's nervous about this gift for some reason.

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