~More Sarah POV~

My eyelids fell but within seconds I groggily woke up in a foggy, bright room. I brought my hand up to my forehead and looked around. I saw a man and a woman in the distance, looking at me longingly.

"Mom? Dad?!" I exclaimed, running over to them and throwing my arms around them. I looked up to see their smiling faces looking down on me. I started sobbing as they stroked my head, "I missed you so much."

I look up again to see 2 little girls running towards me, "Angela? Carley? Is that you?" The smallest one jumped into my arms and I hugged her tight. I sighed and put her back down. "I'm so sorry. It wouldn't have happened if I made the right choices." I noticed the fog has seemed to seep around my ankles, pushing me and my deceased family apart.

I squinted and tried to cut through the fog with my vision. I tried to see my family again. Tears started to sting in my eyes. "Don't go." I pleaded.

My mother emerges from the fog, I smile in her regained presense. She pulls something from behind her.

A gun.

She holds it to the side of her head.


I jerk up, still wrapped up like a caterpillar. I sweat profusely and notice someone standing in the corner. They had a knocked-over table beside them. They throw a blanket over me, and I try to struggle out, but before I can wriggle through the fabric they hit me hard in the head and my vision goes blank.

~??? POV~

I look everywhere in the park she's supposed to be living in, but there's no sign of her. I sigh too myself and scan the area.

I see footsteps in the not-too fresh snow. They're the same footprints from the boots she's always worn. Dumbass, now I can find you.

I follow the footprints to an apartment building. I walk in but there is no-one on duty. Perfect. I follow the wet footprints into a room, I open the door. It's an 'okay' apartment, meaning there's no dead bodies.

I look around the apartment twice, not seeing any immediate sign of her, well, until I see an slightly-open door to a room I haven't checked.

I open the door to the room and see her, wriggling, squirming and sobbing in her sleep. I'm about to step over to her but I'm surprised to see several other kids sleeping in here too. They're older and all boys. What the hell has she been doing!?

I step back into a table and knock it over. It's makes a loud bang and she shoots up from her sleep. I jump back into the corner as she surveys the mess I've made. I throw a spare blanket over her to prevent her from anyalzing me too well. She tries to squirm out but I hit her over the head with my fist, knocking her out.

I picked up her unmoving body in the blanket and carry her back down to my car. I make it seem like she's sleeping in my arms so no one gets suspisious.

I throw her into my car and start the engine.


Sarah, you're coming with me.


Hey. Glad you're still sticking to this story so intently! Nice to see you here! Oh, one announcement.

I'll (most likely) be able to update every day now that it's Christmas break!

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